Friday, June 12, 2009

Spring Recap

This past March Grant went to Kentucky with Mom and Dad Trautman to see Ryan's Basic Training graduation. It was a 5 day trip-the longest he's been away from us. He had so much fun and still talks about it months later. He loved the tanks and guns and the army hat and folder that Ryan bought him.

We also renewed our Aquarium membership in hopes of going more often this year. The kids absolutely LOVE it there. When we go we take drawing books and hang out wherever they like to for as long as they like. Isn't this such a fun picture?

And this one?

And here is a rare one with me in it. I'm usually the one with the camera so there are hardly any pics of me.
We were able to take a trip to Sight and Sound to see Behold the Lamb. This is the third performance we've been to and it has been wonderful each time. BUT, my favorite was the Psalms of David in the tiny Living Waters Theater.
Can you tell that we were squinting into the excruciatingly bright sun? LOL!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quick Update!

I just wanted to update what's been happening around here lately. School has been finished since the last week in April and we haven't had a single spare moment since. After Pioneer Girl Camp was finished, I dove into this new kitchen facelift project that I've been thinking about for the past few months.

Our cabinets are completely shot. In many places the coats of varnish and the stain are worn away down to bare wood! So, after getting Brent's reluctant approval to paint them, I started researching... and researching.... and researching. I had no idea what look I wanted. Black? White?
And, of course, we need to repaint over the purple and yellow walls (what was I thinking?). And, you know, the counter is buckling in places because there is no caulk between the counter and backsplash. Then, I found them....

Home Decor Blogs.

I had no idea that I would enjoy home decor so much! But, really, I'm so NOT a creative, design minded person. I've NEVER known what look I really like. Modern- sure, some aspects. Traditional-ok. Country-if it's not overdone. Shabby chic- as long as there's not a lot of floral. Cottage- yes! Love it! Pottery Barn- wish I had the $$ for it!

So, with laptop in hand (or on lap, more accurately) I have been slowly deciding on the "look" for my new kitchen.
What started as a PAINT THE CABINETS project has morphed into:
Demo the left side of the kitchen- never so glad to see them go!
Move the fridge to the other side of the kitchen
paint ceiling- really beautiful cottagy look
replace light fixtures- due to electrical shorting in the old ones
paint walls- what an agonizing decision! But I love the color we decided on!
get a few new cabinets for FREE from Oakcrest from Eric! YAY!
paint cabinets- after 2 different primers and 2 different brands of paint, I've finally gotten about 12 cabinets done... still working
Next up.... finish cabinets, find new hardware and spray paint hinges white so you don't notice them, remove old counter, repaint backsplash area (cause I KNOW it'll be a mess!), install new (Lowes' in stock) laminate counter and a 36 in section of butcher block from Ikea, add some trim to the top of the cabinets, and finally, replace flooring in kitchen and on stairs landing.

I don't want to post any pics until it is fully done...Well, that and the fact that I'm too embarrassed to show you the insides of my cabinets while the doors are off, and the fourteen hundred paint cans on the floor that I need to return.