Sunday, August 5, 2007

Filler Post!

I am trying my hand at creating a link list on the sidebar, but I can't figure out how to delete a post! So I'm just filling in the gap I made with this silly post! HA! If someone knows how to delete- Please let me know!

Caitlin's History

Here are a few things that I had recorded about Caitlin's early years.

Born 3 weeks and 1 day after due date!!!

Nursed 7 minutes total! Efficient!

Hated to cuddle or snuggle. Loved to be bounced- hard!

Started talking at 6 months! Started walking around the same time!

She never sucked on her thumb or pacifier, but around 6 months she started sucking on a cat stuffed animal. Then, she went to sucking on the scarf of a stuffed snowman Aunt Kimberly gave her (which we lost somewhere on the ride home from an Ohio reunion). Then, she graduated to the YARN crocheted blanket Mrs Vance had given as a shower gift. She shoved probably 6 inches of a corner into her mouth (and halfway down her throat, I'm certain... yuck!) and sucked. The corners turned gray and brown even after repeated washing and bleaching. The worst (and I'm sure everyone in the family will always remember this with a shudder) was when she yanked it out of her mouth to say something and flung it to the side, slapping you in the arm or face with the slobbery corners. This blanket was inseparable from her until she was 6. Finally, we were able to "buy" her blanket from her with the gift of an American Girl sized horse and pony. (Her next obsession- horses) Her blankie "Corners" as she affectionately called it, found it's final resting place in a spray painted basket that is lovingly placed in my hope chest. It is her wish that "one day her daughter can suck on it"!!!!

15 months- screamed and cried when she was brought in to see Grant after he was born

Age 11 months- put a slug in her mouth while sitting in the garden. Took a whole day to get the slime out of her mouth. No, she didn't actually swallow it! I'm not THAT bad of a mother!

Age 4- Swallowed a penny because, as she told me, "I wanted to know what it would taste like!"

Has the most incredible imagination I've ever seen. Very creative.

Definitely has her own tastes and opinions.

Has an obsession with shoes. The glitzier the better! And lots of them!

Spends a large portion of her day galloping through the house sounding identical to a horse. She has perfected the sound! She will need knee surgery by the time she's 12, but boy is she good at it!

Grant's History

Here are some things I had written down about Grant.

Daddy was in police academy for the first 6 months of life. Has a crazy birth story which I won't write here!

Has the Funniest faces. Loves to make people laugh.

Age 2- Dumped an entire box of cheerios on the floor!

Loves to play "Honey and Sweetie" (husband and wife) with Cait

Best friends with Caitlin although he doesn't let her boss him around!

Has a horrible stubborn streak that we're having difficulty dealing with. Spankings don't necessarily work!

Age 4- Oct 2003- Had an hour long (memorable) battle on church parking lot. All the uncles and boys were going to the park while girls had a tea party for Cait's birthday. Grant didn't want to ride in Alex's car seat. It was a long drawn out (embarassing for mom!) ordeal. he wasn't allowed to go and sat on a chair for the tea party. After that huge ordeal (Daddy wasn't there but even Uncle Eric administered some discipline!), I had very few battles.

Humbling scenario #2- I'm at Dawn Garner's house to lead a mom's Bible study on training your children to love God. Grant starts throwing a fit so I take him into the bathroom where I try to impress on him the spiritual battle he is in. Obviously, it wasn't working as he screamed at the top of his lungs, " I LOOOVE SATAN!" big sigh.....God has such a sense of humor, doesn't He?

In awe of Chip Bauer playing guitar for praise choruses on Tuesday Nights. Then Chip sat with us one night and Grant colored a picture for him during the service. After that he couldn't get enough of Chip. This has developed into a wonderful relationship. And, he got his first guitar in summer 2005 (6 1/2)

Age 6 1/2- 1st baseball game- Aberdeen Ironbirds

Lost first tooth December 2005

Becoming a very hard physical worker

Jake's History

Here's what I have written on a paper about Jacob.

All our kids were cute as babies and toddlers, but Jake was the cutest. He did nothing wrong until the exact week he turned one!

Would NOT hold still for nursing even as a newborn. This has not changed at all.

A conversation to remember (age 3 1/2)
Dad- "What do you want to be?"
Jake- "A Policeman"
Dad- "Swat policeman? K-9? Sniper?, which?"
Jake, after contemplating a while... "I want to be a FAT Policeman!"

A few weeks later, sitting across from a LARGE man in uniform (I think a firefighter) at the dentist's office....
Jake, staring in awe at the man- "Dad, THAT's what I want to be. A Fat Policeman!"

Age 4- becoming very close to George Hayes (and Chip Bauer since Grant hangs around him all the time)

Age 4 says "onside down" for upside down

Lost 1st tooth Oct 2005 Before Grant! He was quite proud
Lost 2nd tooth on 5th Birthday

Quinn's Baby History

As I was looking through my planner I found some papers at the back where I had recorded some notes about each child when they were younger. I am going to post them so I have them always- and since this is the only baby book any of my kids will ever have. sigh.
9 mo- had first major training session. Held him tightly on my lap and taught to "hush" by putting finger on lips and not letting up until he could sit for 1 minute without screaming. Each subsequent session is shorter and shorter
12- very quickly trained!
17 mo- says "Da, Mom, Car, Ball, Down, More, Pool"
17 mo- learning to sit quietly in church ( What Happened!!!!)
20 mo- Calls cait "Mom", then starts calling her "turtle"! LOL!
21 mo (Sept 2005)- Cait and Jake were lifting a heavy trailer gate up and it fell over and pinned him under it. Cut open forehead. Went to ER and got stitches
18mo-2 yo (I can't remember when!) Chipped both front top teeth in 1 week
1st carrying a flashlight and fell, 2nd fell on a brick step at small groups
Is very sweet with Cait. She can comfort and help him as much as I can!
2 1/2 yo can count to 10 without me teaching at all!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Canine Obsession

Well, the kids' obsession over a dog is reaching deafening proportions. It seems that Brent and I are going to lose the battle. I. just. cannot. say. no. anymore.!

This past Thursday we visited the Harford County Humane Society. They didn't have any small dogs other than a beagle ( ugly ones, too) which I don't want. Since I am not, by nature, an animal lover, it is very important to me to have a dog that is going to stay pleasant to look at. I know it is shallow and heartless and cold, but it is the harsh reality. I figure I'm going to have to look at this dog's face for a long many years and I want it to be a nice view.

So far, the dog I've found to be cutest and is in our size range (small to medium) is a Puggle. This is really just a mutt, but it's an "on purpose" kind of mutt! They breed a beagle and a pug and VOILA! You get a Puggle! Aren't they cute- and they stay cute, too. Now, just to find one in our small price range! Fortunately, over the past few months, I've found a few at the shelter sites. We'll have to keep looking....