Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boy Time is Flying!

Well, April 9th we had our fingerprinting a the CIS office. We were in and out in less than 10 minutes and then were able to spend the day together at the inner harbor of Baltimore. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed a beautiful stroll around the water. What a perfect day!

Amazingly, we got our I-797 approval  in exactly ONE week! I was shocked since I'd heard it could take up to 4 more! Getting it so soon allowed us to be able to send copies of the I-797 to the translator, along with the authentications, apostilles before she was finished all the rest of the documents. That way she only has to make one trip to her government buildings- costing us a bit less! So, those are our LAST documents we needed to finish our dossier! Yahoooooo!

All I need to add to our stack are passport sized photos of Brent and I, and photos of our house. I have good pictures of the upstairs from the day we had our homestudy- all clean and perfect. BUT, for some reason I forgot to take pictures of the basement that day! Now, it's a mess with school stuff and puppy paraphernalia so I'm scrambling to get it organized enough for photographing. I may have to employ some creative photoshopping!
I've been sending out emails to family and friends asking for copies of good pictures of our whole family since we also need to send several family shots. As many of you know, I am lousy at remembering the camera. Either it is left at the house, or on the off chance I do have it, it usually has a dead battery. Thank goodness Caitlin has her own camera or we wouldn't have hardly any photos of our family's happenings! LOL!

We're so excited! I can't believe we are almost ready to send our dossier! Pinch me! Is it real?

One prayer request:
Our agency is waiting for ONE piece of paper saying that they can submit the dossiers they have waiting. Please join  me in praying that Mexico will be quick about mailing it so our dossier doesn't have to sit around in an office collecting dust!