Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I finally just heard from Beth, our new social worker from Gladney.

The meeting that was supposed to happen two Thursdays ago never occurred.

Apparently, the head DIF people up and left for Holland!

Yeah, I know I wrote Holland. And yes, I was saying, "Huh? Why?" too.

Unfortunately, Gladney just doesn't know. We are hoping that they are going to get some answers from the HAGUE people who's main office is in the Netherlands. We're hoping that they will find, once and for all, that all this additional approval is unnecessary since HAGUE has already accredited our agency.

But, honestly we don't know for sure.

Maybe they took a vacation? Watching the World Cup? Who knows?

No one from the Central DIF office contacted Gladney to let them know that they weren't going to have the meeting. John, the Gladney staff person in Mexico, talked with Sari, a contact (actually part owner of our kids' orphanage, I think) in Mexico City who sits on the DIF committee. She told him about the impromptu trip to Holland.

So where does this leave us? Waiting some more. We were hopeful that we'd be bringing our kiddos home this fall/early winter, but by the looks of things now, I'll be surprised if it happens by next spring.

Also, Beth told us that a bunch of our paperwork will probably be out of date by the time the DIF gets it, but not to get it redone quite yet. We should wait until we're pretty certain things are imminent.


I'm just praying that God would grow me (us) through this process. I'm assuming that I have a lot to learn before these chicos come home. I'm grateful that He loves me so much to teach me these lessons and not leave me to my own flesh.

When the gardener prunes a bush, he does it for it's good. To make it beautiful and more abundant.

God is doing the same thing in me. All these things are for my good, to give me an abundant life full of joy in Him.

Yet the pruning is painful. And sometimes the bush looks awkward and strange during the process.

I think that describes things pretty good right now. Painful, awkward and strange.

But the hope I have for the beautiful future that awaits keeps me joyful even while being in the pruning stage.

Lord, let me wait with hopeful expectancy on the work you are bringing to fruition, thankful for the pain and trial you bring first.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Anyone getting sick of hearing a day by day detailed account of the adoption drama? LOL! It's kind of like a soap opera!

If you are, I understand and won't hold it against you! But, for us, it is an every day, consuming our thoughts kind of drama. Exhausting, but good.

 I spoke to Susanna today just to clear up a little confusion on one of our translation papers. Our homestudy social worker's license was attached to the back of the homestudy but our translator added an additional authentication and apostille even though we never had one in English! LOL! Just goes to show that these apostilles really mean a hill of beans since the translator was able to get one without the document in English even existing! Crazy. Thankfully, it's an easy solution as we will just toss them out and not use them.

Today was Susanna's last day so when she called I asked her to give me a run down  ONE MORE TIME of all the course of events that have to happen next. She was very patient with me even though she's explained this probably 10 times over the past few months. See, each step that I get closer, I understand the  process better, which in turn raises more logistical questions that I couldn't have thought of before the last step! Got it?

Thankfully, we did find out that since this is a Hague adoption we won't have to go to the US Embassy in Mexico City for immigration approval. Thankfully, this is done back home through the I-800 paperwork before the adoption can even be finalized. That was a relief since I've been following two separate blogs about families that either had trouble with that step or where it has completely messed up their adoption. See here and here.

I did get a little more clarification from her on where everything stands with our approval. (Anyone not in the process can zone out now.... LOL! Other families in process will be hanging onto their chairs now seeing if there is any new info in what I write! LOL!)

From what I understand there are 3 people  they are in contact with in the DIF: Monica Rios (head of Central DIF), Diana Pechico, and Dr. Mejia (I'm not sure if I'm spelling any right!). DIF has been informed by both Gladney and the US Dept of State that they will not be able to get an Interpol report for Gladney since they don't do them anymore. Dr. Mejia rescheduled the monthly Council meeting for June 10 and at that time will suggest one of two options.

1. Accept the Hague accreditation that Gladney has already received and submitted to allow for approval (this is the whole POINT of Hague. So countries don't need to do additional approval processes! But I digress...). This is the fastest option and one we are especially praying for. OR

2. Request some other report from the US Dept. of State stating that Gladney has never committed any international crimes or whatever they need it to say. This would take longer as we now need someone in Mexico to actually MAKE a request, someone in the DOS to WRITE and SEND a report, someone in DIF to RECEIVE the report, WAIT for the next monthly council meeting, and pray they will ACCEPT the report!
Obviously, this is more likely the course they will take. But, there is always option number...

 3. Ask for some other form of documentation that no one has ever thought to ask for! LOL! This option is totally possible but we're praying it won't even enter their minds!

So, my praying friends, would  you be praying for all the people involved with the council meeting next Thursday? Pray for tender and compassionate hearts. Pray for them to remember why they are doing what they're doing- finding families for lonely children. God is the changer of hearts and we totally believe that He can cause this DIF staff to find favor with Gladney's documentation.

Incidentally, Susanna also shared that there are several other agencies struggling with the same issues-trying to get Central DIF approval before submitting dossiers. And, the whole country of Italy! Apparently there are a lot of Italians that adopt from Mexico and only just since this whole DIF centralization they are hitting roadblock after roadblock just like Gladney.  Hopefully this will put a little pressure on them to make a quick decision!

We'll be in Chihuahua, Mexico on  a mission trip during the next council meeting so I'm praying that I'll be able to have internet access after the meeting! Otherwise I'm going to get really anxious not knowing what happened!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today's  conference call answered no new questions on where we stand on the approval process. Things are still being worked out and no one knows what is going to happen or when it's going to happen.

 But, a very important piece of information came out during the call- which really was the reason behind why it was ultimately scheduled.

Our wonderful, social worker, Susanna, is leaving the agency. After being with Gladney for 13 years and essentially starting the Mexico program for the agency, she is leaving to pursue another career.

I can't blame her. It must be an extremely stressful job. All of us whiny, anxious, paper-pregnant mom's-to-be calling and emailing constantly, confident that our adoption journey is more important than anyone else's...asking questions over and over...dealing with government red tape, foreign politics and people who don't do what they say they're going to do...being on call 24-7 when someone is in country finalizing...networking, contacting, endless hours on the phone...NOT an easy job.

That said... we're going to really miss her. She has wonderful contacts and I just felt "safe" knowing she understood the process.

That doesn't mean her successor can't do a good job. Beth seems very sweet, on top of information,  and people from the Columbia program seem to love her.

To be honest, I feel a little anxiety knowing that at the height of all this uncertainty with Gladney's approval we will have to start over with someone who doesn't have the same connections as Susanna. Someone who will be playing catch-up to learn the Mexico set of rules (which incidentally change by the day or hour!).

 But, thankfully, Beth  is not in control of this adoption process. Neither was Susanna.

We have a much better CaseWorker on the job!

It is the Lord God, Protector of the weak, Defender of the orphan, Wisdom Giver, Family Restorer,  Political Leader Chooser, and Loving Father.

He is on the job! In fact, He invented the job!

He is the one who is in control of each and every step, each and every document, each and every child, each and every government official, each and every social worker.

I'm glad the Lord is rooting out this false sense of "safety" that was present in me when I was trusting in Susanna's experience. (Oh, I wasn't for the few hours after the phone call. I was really struggling.)

But, after thinking and praying, I was convicted about where I was ultimately placing my trust. In Susanna's experience or in God's plan? (I think the answer is obvious!)

It's always a fascinating thing for me when God exposes the lies that I've been believing and I didn't even realize it. But it's a good opportunity for God to wash me clean of the ugliness of my faith in self or others, and make me begin stepping out in faith again. I just wish we didn't have to go through that process so frequently!

I'll be praying for Beth. She has a big job ahead of her. But, thankfully, she has a big God to lead her.

May He be magnified in this new circumstance!