Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Christian Pirates

Last night we watched Treasure Island (old Disney version) for our longstanding tradition of movie night. Munching on chips dipped in chili dip (remind me not to get low fat cream cheese anymore) and nuggets, we all enjoyed settling in for some pirate adventure. I, personally, had never seen the movie or read the book, but I really enjoyed it! Normally, we have two little boys who are terrified of anything remotely tense in a movie (hey, they freaked out with Monsters, Inc.!!), but after one or two reassurances, they relaxed and got into the action.
Of course as soon as the movie was over, out came the dress ups. Swords, bandanas, plastic knives,etc were donned as they tried to relive the movie even though it was past bedtime! The fun has continued still today. Treasure maps are being drawn as I write, and earlier Caitlin was pretending to be a brawny wash woman who was cleaning all the pirate clothes after coming in from sea! Apples were eaten for a snack since they stave off scurvy! Quinn had to join the crowd by taking off his shirt like the big boys to look like a sailor. Snow boots somehow complete the look of a pirate (I'm not sure why!) and lucky for them they were still strewn about the foyer from playing in the snow two days ago. sigh.
While they were getting dressed in their pirate garb I heard the funniest comment. Jake said, "We should be good pirates, though." Cait responded, "Yeah, lets be Christian pirates!"
I love childhood innocence!

God is so good to allow me to enjoy the blessing of being a mom who can stay home and homeschool. By letting them engage in their play they are being so imaginative and it is such a pleasure to see.
Enjoying Him Forever,

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lunchtime Prayer

Several months ago we got into a wonderful habit of praying after breakfast together. Each person prayed their ACTS.
A- Adoration (God you are....)
C- Confession (God forgive me for...)
T-Thanksgiving (God, thank you for...)
S- Supplication (If it's your will for...)

Though there was the occasional fighting over who was going first, it was a spiritually uplifting time and set the tone for the day. HOWEVER, I, of course, somehow got off track and stopped doing it! Why, I don't know, but now, it seems that we can't fit it into our breakfast routine. (We also read from a story Bible, NIrV New testament chapter, and a Character book, so it does get time consuming.)

So, yesterday, I decided to start our ACTS time at lunchtime. I was expecting it to be hairy as we aren't used to doing anything structured after lunch and everyone wants to go their separate ways. But, I was humbled and surprised at the blessing it became. We talked about Patrick Myers and the danger he and the children in the orphanage in Africa are in due to the flooding and crocodiles and hippos. We each took a part of ACTS to pray but during Supplication, each child kept saying, "Oh, mom, I forgot something else. Can I pray some more?"
As a mom, my heart was warmed to know that their hearts were being tender toward the needs of others, but mostly that they truly believe in the power that the Lord has in "closing the crocs mouths, like you closed the lions with Daniel" (Jake). Often, I pray and lack BELIEF! My children were a conviction to me as they prayed with a child's faith, knowing that GOD almighty CAN do it! I was humbled, as I often am, by my children. Thanks be to God for allowing me to ENJOY HIM and KNOW HIM better through my children's prayers.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

This morning, I woke up to three little angels bringing me breakfast in bed. (Quinn was still sleeping!) Homemade cards with misspelled words, toast with more butter than sugar and cinnamon, all perched on an old cookie sheet are just the cure for a momma who doesn't want to face the day! This was not an impromptu gesture, but a carefully orchestrated event that took planning and permission from Daddy the night before! Oh, how sweet they are!

Since they had awakened so early, I mentioned that we should just all snuggle under the covers for another half hour. In less than 3 seconds I was smushed between them. Amazingly for 45 minutes (I was feeling especially lazy!) there was no arguing or pushing, only quiet breathing and tossing and turning. We lay there listening to the howling wind and deafening pelting of sleet on the roof. This is my life, and I LOVE it!

Quinn is sitting on my lap as I type this. I say "I love you. He says, "Me love you too." I say, "I love you more. He answers, "Me love you sixteen!" Can you tell we do this a lot!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Here we GO!

Finally, I am getting my act together and recording for posterity all our family thoughts and antics. My poor children suffer from a "momma that doesn't even HAVE baby book, or albums (to speak of), or even printed photos!" So this blog is my meager attempt to capture some glimpses into our home as we grow, learn and change. Hopefully since I enjoy being on the computer, it will make doing this documentation more fun!