Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Tooth!

Well, both front teeth are now out! Quinn knocked the slightly loose one the other day it became very wiggly! That evening Daddy pulled it out since, "I don't do teeth"! I have to say it is MUCH better having both out. He's much cuter instead of looking like a West Virginian ole hick. (No offense to any W.VAers!) Now his lisp is very pronounced and he suddenly seemed to age 2 years in my eyes! I hate this! I don't want my baby boy to get big! Pictures will be added as soon as my extremely slow dial up connection cooperates!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Caged Animals!

Sometimes our boys act like wild animals, but I promise we don't cage them often!

Ordnance Museum

This past fall Jake and I were able to sneak out for a "Mommy date". After a fun meal at McDonalds (his restaurant of choice) we headed to Aberdeen Proving Grounds to the Ordnance Museum. I was a little nervous since I'd never been there by myself. I did end up going through the "restricted" gate, but the guard was very nice and gave me directions to get to the correct entrance. We got lost there too, but a nice truck driver in a Frito Lay truck showed me the way!
All around, it was an adventure!

We roamed around the grounds admiring all the various tanks and rockets. About as much as I understood was "Ooo, look at the big green one, or Oh, boy, it's tall"! Jake didn't care though. He was happy just to have some one-on-one time.

Inside the museum we saw lots of weapons and other gear that army men have used in the past.

Actually we both were pretty bored and we were both relieved to get to the small gift shop. I think we were in there longer than the whole time we spent outdoors and indoors! After MUCH indecision and lots of Mommy input, he decided on a small green army pouch to play dress ups with.
Our family is so fortunate to be good friends with Dan and Wendy! This picture was taken at Cait and Jacob's birthday last October and I just love it! They are both people who love the Lord and desire to obey Him in all they do. It is a privilege to be the recipients of their sweet, funny, encouraging, and convicting (in a good way) personalities.
We love you guys!!!


Last November, Cait had the wonderful idea that her Daddy should take her on a date- a real date where they dress all up and go to a nice restaurant!

Brent loved the idea and thought it would be even more fun for her best friends and their dads to go too!

So all the pairs met at Olive Garden and shared a fun meal and then strolled around The Avenue for a while. They did end up in Barnes and Noble where Cait got a biography on Abigail Adams- one of her heroines.

Jake is really growing up! Too fast! Here he and Daddy were sharing a silly moment that I just had to catch forever!

Missing Tooth

As everyone knows, Quinn is our little daredevil. Out of all our children he is always the one who will get hurt either by his own doing or by someone else. Over the past few years he has made quite a habit of knocking his top front teeth and either chipping or loosening them. After the last several face- dives into the floor or his brother's head, though, we realized that those teeth were not going to tighten back up.

I was praying that his teeth wouldn't fall out while he was still three, and God in His miraculous providence let us pass the milestone of turning 4 before the first one came out.

Two days ago he and Jake collided and the most loose tooth was pointing quite precariously forward. I don't get squeamish over very many things but teeth are one of the gross things in life that have done me in. I CANNOT stand to see them wiggle or even attempt to pull them out. So he just had to wait two hours until Daddy came home so he could give the final tug.

Just look how cute he is. The lisp he has is even cuter.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Catching Up Finally

Well, I'm reentering the blogging world again. It's been over a month -and what a month it's been...

At the end of December Tara had her baby, Saige, and I was so excited to be able to see her! I'm so happy that God saw fit to bless their family with a little girl! Things will be VERY different now!

Due to Saige's procrastination in coming into the world, Christmas was a little wacky as I was at Tara's house while she was in labor during most of Christmas morning. The kids did get to open a few of their gifts but opened the majority of them later in the afternoon when I got home. They were very understanding about all of it.

The big deal gift for Caitlin was a real, wooden dollhouse kit that over the next two weeks Brent was able to assemble. It turned out very cute and she loves it. This is and "in progress" picture. I don't think I have one of the final outcome. Gotta get one!

Grant was ecstatic to receive his very first gun. A real one. We were able to buy him a "Rossi" which is actually three guns in one. A shotgun, a rifle and a .22. He had been dreaming and drooling over it, but we had said, "NO WAY", so I think he was quite surprised.

Jake got real arrows for a bow we already had, a slingshot and a big foam target to practice with.

Quinn got a Playmobil fire rescue truck with a trailer.

All in all, it was a nice but very crazy day. The older three hardly got any "toys". I feel sad that they are outgrowing this little kid stage and getting into more adult hobbies!

As you all know, in the beginning of January we received some very sad and difficult news about our 5th child. At my first appointment at 14 weeks the midwife was unable to hear a heartbeat. A sonogram confirmed that the baby had died at 13 weeks. All the news was such a shock and surprise to us. I had been feeling so bad with morning sickness that we were just amazed.

Through all of the long ordeal, we experienced God's loving hand and presence very intimately. I opted to allow my body to miscarry naturally instead of going in for a d & c. The two weeks we waited seemed like an eternity, but finally God allowed me (at 16 weeks) to miscarry at home. The midwife had told me that there could be contractions very much similar to labor, so I was a bit apprehensive about that. But, God, in His goodness, allowed the whole thing to happen with not one single contraction- which was truly a miracle in itself. I'll spare everyone the details! We were able to see and hold our little boy (we think) which was such an awesome experience. To see how intricately and perfectly our little ones are formed even at 13 weeks was truly breathtaking. Fingers, toes, eyes, ears, nostrils- all fully formed! I wish every mom that wanted an abortion could see how their little baby is fully whole- just lacking in the fatty arms and legs.

The kids have handled the loss very well, although Caitlin definitely took it the hardest. Because of her age she understood so much more, and felt the pain more deeply. Jake, our tenderhearted one, lavished me with hugs and smiles and sweet words during all the time we waited and once I miscarried. He truly has a gift of mercy toward others. During all of this, Brent has been an absolutely wonderful husband. We were able to bond in a way that was never possible before and for that I am so thankful. And, we have both grown so much spiritually together through it.

There are many other little "gifts" God blessed us with through all of it- too many to list. We have tasted a very hard and sad part of life, but in the midst of it God has been visibly good to us. I don't understand why this has happened, but I do believe with all my heart that all of it is for His Glory. If not being able to carry and raise this little boy brings glory to God than I willingly submit to His plan and am grateful to be His servant. My prayer is that our family may be a vessel fit for His use and for His plans. His way is enough for me.

It has been a little over two weeks and I still have my moments when the sadness washes over me and the tears come, but overall, I find myself dwelling on His faithfulness in holding us in His arms during such a difficult time.

Thank you all for all your outpourings of love and sympathy, prayers, cards, phone calls, and meals. This event was one of those "life changing" experiences, but it makes it so much easier to bear when you have godly, true friends and family to help bear the pain. You all have been God's hands and feet full of service.