Monday, April 14, 2008

Resurrection Day

This year we had fun dyeing eggs, reading from the Bible, seeing my Dad's side of the family (which we only get to do about once a year...) and having a mega egg hunt! I had wanted to do the Resurrection Day cookies, but didn't have all the ingredients when I needed them!
Here are some pics!I just love that of Nanny and Bebop!

Looking Backwards

Dial up is cooperating today!

Here are some pics of a day back in mid February when Brent was home and made homemade boats out of some scrap wood. The kids loved helping to cut, sand, paint and play with their boats!
They made the boats because all the talk around here was of Grant's first year of racing his car in the Pinewood Derby. He had a blast cutting and painting his first car "Rapido". He painted it green with a flame on the front and on the back, Job 37:1 "At this also my heart trembles and leaps out of its place." Don't ask me how he found this verse, but I told him the "leaping out of its place" was a good one for a race car! LOL! He didn't place very high, but that's ok, because he had such a wonderful time and didn't stop talking about it for days.... and days.... and days...

Then in March was the annual Women's Retreat to BlackRock Retreat Center. A hilight of my year! The past few years I've stayed up so late it was practically worthless to even try to sleep! BUT, it's the only time of the year I get to have uninterrupted conversation with other women on deep (and often not so deep!) topics. This year Wendy and I stayed up until the insane hour of 5am!!!!! She was a good girl and still got up for early morning prayer at 7am, but I was the lazy slug and slept through the alarm!
I am always extremely zapped when I come home, but Brent is very understanding and lets me catch up with a long afternoon nap.

This year I had so much fun getting to know Jessie Canfield and Amanda Schmidt who sat at my table. They are a ton of fun and have hearts for the Lord. I was able to "pick their brains" for a while on Saturday night and I was so impressed by their spiritual maturity. God is so good to raise up a new generation of women who's hearts are turned to him. We had some tense moments too. The three of us attempted to teach ourselves knitting. It was truly a disaster until Trae Bennington's mom (I still don't remember her name. We just kept calling her "Mom") bailed us out of our frustration and got each of us going! She was very patient and each of us were able to alleviate our tension! LOL!
And, I know it's a little blurry, but I just had to include this. I love sleeping baby pictures. He fell asleep during devotions. I guess reading 1Peter got a little boring!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tiff's 2008 Reading

Books I've Read and Books To Read

GirlTalk- C. Mahaney (1/08)
The Parables- Kistemaker (1/08) didn't care for this one
The Parables of Jesus- Boice (2/08)
The Holiness of God- Sproul (3/08)
Shopping for Time- C. Mahaney (3/08)
Romancing Your Child's heart- Swan(4/08)
Rebekah's Diary- Pearl (4/08)
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain- Edwards (4/08)
The Power of a Praying Parent- Omartian
Humility- CJ Mahaney (finished this spring)
Christian Beliefs- Grudem
Age of Opportunity- P. Tripp
Instructing a Child's Heart- T. Tripp (Summer '08)
Everyday Talk (Summer '08)
Purpose Driven Youth Ministry-Field (Fall '08)
Respectable Sins- (Fall "08)
Don't Waste Your Life- Piper