Thursday, June 21, 2007


This is the view from Areponapuchi at the top of the Copper Canyon.

Well, the plans are underway and in full swing! Brent and about 12 other guys and teen boys are trekking down in August to Mexico to help Chad Rizzuto build his base camp building. Last night Chad called from Mexico and filled us in on a little bit more info.
The town they are going to be in is barely on any map, but it's called Areponapuchi and is about 30 km from Creet. They will be going to the Sierra Madre Mountains Occidental located on the northwest part of Mexico. (About a 4 hour train ride west of Chihuahua.)
The crew plan to drive an RV and one other vehicle 30 hours from MD to El Paso and enter Mexico at the Juarez entry point. Right now they aren't sure exactly what kind of construction work they will be doing. It will all depend on how much Chad and his small group of guys get accomplished by August.

Right now there are a LOT of loose ends. Since they are not going through an agency- just freelancing!- they are having to do all the fact finding (and believe me, it's a lot!) on their own.
It is definitely going to be a trip based on a lot of faith in God.

As of right now there are few major issues that need a lot of prayer.
1. Passports. Due to the travelling season, getting passports is taking a lot longer than usual. Some of the guys haven't even had a chance to apply for one, although they can get it expedited, it will cost double! Brent, unfortunately already sent away for his at the regular rate, so we are just praying it gets here in time! The bad part is that they require you to send in your actual hard copy of your birth certificate, so you don't have anything until it comes in the mail.
2. Customs. Since they are going to be bringing a ton of tools to do construction they will have to stop in the "Items to Declare" line in customs. They will have to give an account of everything they are bringing and pay duty taxes on all of it. We just need prayer that all the customs work, tourist cards/vistas, declarations, etc, go smoothly with no corrupt Mexican police!
3. RV. Although all the main roads are paved, the road to the village is only dirt and going up a mountain. So, as Chad said, getting up the road will be "doable, but interesting!" Just pray for everyone's safety traveling and that no harm will come to the RV.
4. I am trying to arrange all the food, but just found out today that according to Mexican law they cannot take any homemade foods over the border. They won't be able to freeze anything (no freezer!) either. They will have a stove in the RV, but I'm thinking that with all the heat they're not going to want to heat it up any more than they have to. So, I'm open to any and all suggestions!

I am so excited that God is going to do such an incredible faith building work. I'm praying that the trip will be an opportunity for God's glory and power would be abundantly evident in every aspect.


  1. We'll be praying! What an awesome opportunity!

  2. We are praying for Brent's passport everyday, so keep us updated!


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