Friday, July 20, 2007

A flurry of pictures!

Yay, I'm finally dialed up at 45 kbps! I'm going to finally post some pictures! LOL These are just a few of my favorites over the past few months.

I think this picture is hysterical. After Easter dinner at Cindy and Jon's, she gave out glowsticks to the kids. On the ride home they twirled them, twisted them, fenced with them, and, My FAVORITE, pretended they were Popdaddy with his oxygen tubes! LOL!LOL! I laughed so hard when they all came up with that one! Popdaddy thought it was so funny, too, when I showed him the picture!

This one above is my most recent favorite! Being on the phone all the time is really taking it's toll on my hubby! HA! HA! HA!

The first night we set up the pool and fill it with (RILLY, RILLY) COLD well water, it is tradition for Daddy to toss everyone in with their clothes on! Well, not Momma, of course!At the end of May we all got together and celebrated Bebop's birthday. Afterwards, he and Jordan played a "killer" game of checkers. I love this picture! It really captures Bebop's laugh. Happy Birthday Bebop!

I found all my "men" camped out in the bedroom discussing "manly" things! Aren't they all so handsome?
Mom is so supportive in teaching our kids table manners! I'm so grateful! LOL! LOL!
After the Scottish Festival at the museum, Abby Bynion and the kids had a blast playing dress ups with their new wooden fans and swords.

In June we had the rare privilege of spending some time helping to care for Popdaddy Carroll. During one week we had an extra treat as we got to visit with his sister from Ohio, Aunt Betty. The kids didn't remember her since it's been a while since we've been to an Ohio reunion, but everyone warmed up VERY quickly. She has a quick wit and is quite spunky. Right up our alley, right? This picture was taken as we all had devotions and book reading one evening. Quinn was sooooo wiggly on her lap (as usual) but she didn't mind at all. In fact, she fussed at ME for scolding him! LOL! I guess patience with kiddie wiggles comes with age! We had such fun sitting at dinner (Popdaddy sat talking for over an hour!) and hearing all about the jobs she had earlier in life.
Everyone had so much fun at the Sunday School Picnic. It was on the cool side, but that didn't stop the kids from staying in the pool for a long time. The sandbox was a big hit with even the older kids! They stayed in there forever!

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  1. Love the pics and your fun captions! and YES, they are all handsome (and Cait's a beauty!!!)! Now, you need to get a pic of YOURSELF on here! Are there any?? :))))


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