Saturday, December 8, 2007

Shameless Hubby Brag

This is a completely shamless brag on my hubby. Even though his job is tough, he absolutely loves it- so this makes me happy. I love to see pictures of what he does so I thought I'd share it here. This past year his department obtained an $800,000 grant for equipment. This was an answer to prayer, but has also meant that Brent got tasked with researching, ordering, purchasing, etc every dollar of it! And, as you can imagine, the State of Md doesn't do anything simply. However, they have gotten some pretty "cool" stuff that enables them to do lots of "high-tech" tactical things. (I just barely understand what I'm talking about, so bear with me!)
Here's a pic of his team during a free-boarding training. (In my language- they drive a little blow up boat next to a really scary big ship with 50-70 foot sides and use a skinny ladder to climb up the side and take over the ship. All with carrying lots of gear and big nasty guns..... I just pray a lot.)

Brent is the second man on the boat's left side (right side of the picture)- the handsome one.

This was taken last week when Brent's team went down to the Middle East Peace Talks Conference in Annapolis. Their job was to be ready to assault and neutralize any threats (ie. make any bad guys dead) around the area of the Prime Minister of Israel and Secretary of State's landing zone.Disclaimer: This post in no way shows that I understand any kind of "police language". It is represented as best and as accurately as possible under the limited brain capacity of civilianhood. (Is that a word?)


  1. Hi guys, now that we are back to seeing your blog (thanks to you Tiff) I am proud to be able to place a comment. I am so very proud of Brent and all the doors the Lord has opened for him to accomplish in his job and especially that he loves it so much. You guys are awesome!

  2. I LOVE to hear wives praising their hubbies- and we are glad he loves his job so much! Yes, prayer is definitely part of your job description!


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