Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tiff's 2008 Reading

Books I've Read and Books To Read

GirlTalk- C. Mahaney (1/08)
The Parables- Kistemaker (1/08) didn't care for this one
The Parables of Jesus- Boice (2/08)
The Holiness of God- Sproul (3/08)
Shopping for Time- C. Mahaney (3/08)
Romancing Your Child's heart- Swan(4/08)
Rebekah's Diary- Pearl (4/08)
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain- Edwards (4/08)
The Power of a Praying Parent- Omartian
Humility- CJ Mahaney (finished this spring)
Christian Beliefs- Grudem
Age of Opportunity- P. Tripp
Instructing a Child's Heart- T. Tripp (Summer '08)
Everyday Talk (Summer '08)
Purpose Driven Youth Ministry-Field (Fall '08)
Respectable Sins- (Fall "08)
Don't Waste Your Life- Piper

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