Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Presentation Night 2008

Once again, the LIFE Presentation Night went wonderfully. Everyone worked so hard the whole year and did a fantastic job showing off their talents.
We have had the privilege this school year to have Louisa Martinez (the Spanish teacher at Open Bible) teach a weekly Spanish class. Even though she speaks really,REALLY FAST, we all had a great time picking up some spanish words and songs. She did a superb job and I've been very pleased with how much they learned. For Presentation Night the class performed two of their favorite songs with her.
Cait, Grant, and Jacob had memorized all of James chapter 1 this year, but the last few verses were still rusty, so they just presented through vs 21. I was a VERY proud momma!

Then, individually, Caitlin did Oh, Worship the King on piano and Grant did When the Saints Go Marching In on guitar.

In the Cafeteria we also set up a table with some of their crafts and projects on display.

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