Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our whirlwind

What a whirlwind the past 2 months have been. Here are some quick updates just so I get them noted.

Sept 4-6 We took a 2 day trip to the beach. It was nice and relaxing though very HOT! We spent the mornings on the beach and retreated to both the indoor and outdoor pools in the afternoon. We saw lots of dolphins and walked the boardwalk in the evening. I got severely sunburned on my arms and legs so I was a bit miserable the last day! The kids had a blast. Brent tolerated the sun and sand like a loving dad! LOL!

Two days later our dog, Sadie decided to go into heat! We planned on breeding her but up til then couldn't find anyone locally to send her to! BUT, God, in His faithfulness led me to a website where a sweet lady from PA was advertising her dog as a stud! Her ad was brand new and she was only an hour and a half away (all the others were about 5 hours!). Over the next week we talked and arranged contracts and such. It worked out great because we were going to have Tara and Eric take Sadie the next week while we were in Williamsburg. But, I hated to have her at their house with her in heat. (that's asking a lot!) So it ended up that the lady in PA took Sadie the whole week we were away! God is so good!

Which leads me to.... Williamsburg (Sept 14-17)! This year we were able to go with the Bynions. It was so enjoyable to be able to chat with them, since we never feel like we have enough time to really get into long conversations. The kids mixed great and we had no problems. Well, we didn't have any problems with the Bynion kids, but I'm sure our tends-to-get-wild children were draining on them! The details about the trip deserve a post of their own.

The night we came home from WB, I had a sneaking suspiscion that there was a chance I was pregnant. I took a test and yup, I was right. So, I guess #5 is coming late May/early June. Morning sickness hit pretty quick, though not as horribly as when I was pregnant last fall with the one we lost. So, as of now, it's still lingering! yuck.

After that we had a bunch of miscellaneous activities....Walk with Isaac Fundraiser...Janelle's baby shower, 2 days of Unit 2 Tapestry planning...Abbie going to the hospital with chest pain.......going to the movies to see FIREPROOF... going to see Mom T's newly resanded floors as a surprise birthday gift from Dad...Brent being away for 3 days...Marriage Enrichment weekend.... Brent away for 6 more days....small groups... Brent away for 6more days...the Explorer overnighter with rock climbing (let me just tell you- they don't sleep!)...Caitlin in Williamsburg with Nini... Jake's birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel....Cait's birthday dinner at Chili's...and now, Brent away for 2 days! All this with morning sickness and schoolwork! Needless to say not a lot of housework is happening around here!

The next month doesn't look like it will be slowing down much...Brent will be away a total of 15 days in November, too! I miss him already! Oh, well. Not much I can do about it. Have to find joy in the midst.

So that's our crazy life right now.


  1. What a wonderful life! (Maybe you should make a movie about it!) And we are ecstatic about #5, of course! Praying for you all--Brent being away so much is probably the worst of it all.

  2. I literlly know exactly how you feel. I have spent these past few weeks going in 30 minute spurts. It seems that is all the energy I have before I need to rest for a while. I have never eaten so much food in my life. If I do not have food in my stomach I am throwing up. I am praying for you with Brent being away. Carl is gone next weekend (Halloween). I think I might go stay with my mom. Praying for you all.

  3. Mom, We did have a whirlwind month.
    you're loving daughter,

  4. your kids didn't drain us!!! we loved every minute of it!! and can't wait to do it again :) are you up to it with a baby next Sept.? Dan already scheduled that week for vacation!!


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