Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Botany and Chicken Pox

In looking ahead to a busy and rigorous workload this upcoming school year, I decided to try to get our entire science curriculum completed during the summer. We haven't been successful (it's mid September and we still have to finish 1 chapter!), but we got the bulk of it finished.

The topic was an in-depth study of Botany using Apologia Elementary Exploring Creation Through Botany by Jeannie Fulbright. We've used 3 other of her books and have absolutely loved them. They are a full year of one field of science that allow you to really delve deep into the topic and know much more than you would if you jumped from subject to subject for each chapter as in a textbook.

Here are a few pictures of our Flower Disection. As you can tell, there are also a lot of spots all over the kids faces. That's because everyone got Chicken Pox in April! Melanie's family had the Pox, so we had a Pox party in hopes that our kids would get them naturally since we'd opted out of the vaccine. It worked! Cait and Grant had them the worst but they were all troopers and it wasn't nearly as horrible as I remember it when I had them at age 13! Benadryl also eased the itchies- thank goodness!

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