Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

This morning, I woke up to three little angels bringing me breakfast in bed. (Quinn was still sleeping!) Homemade cards with misspelled words, toast with more butter than sugar and cinnamon, all perched on an old cookie sheet are just the cure for a momma who doesn't want to face the day! This was not an impromptu gesture, but a carefully orchestrated event that took planning and permission from Daddy the night before! Oh, how sweet they are!

Since they had awakened so early, I mentioned that we should just all snuggle under the covers for another half hour. In less than 3 seconds I was smushed between them. Amazingly for 45 minutes (I was feeling especially lazy!) there was no arguing or pushing, only quiet breathing and tossing and turning. We lay there listening to the howling wind and deafening pelting of sleet on the roof. This is my life, and I LOVE it!

Quinn is sitting on my lap as I type this. I say "I love you. He says, "Me love you too." I say, "I love you more. He answers, "Me love you sixteen!" Can you tell we do this a lot!

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