Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Christian Pirates

Last night we watched Treasure Island (old Disney version) for our longstanding tradition of movie night. Munching on chips dipped in chili dip (remind me not to get low fat cream cheese anymore) and nuggets, we all enjoyed settling in for some pirate adventure. I, personally, had never seen the movie or read the book, but I really enjoyed it! Normally, we have two little boys who are terrified of anything remotely tense in a movie (hey, they freaked out with Monsters, Inc.!!), but after one or two reassurances, they relaxed and got into the action.
Of course as soon as the movie was over, out came the dress ups. Swords, bandanas, plastic knives,etc were donned as they tried to relive the movie even though it was past bedtime! The fun has continued still today. Treasure maps are being drawn as I write, and earlier Caitlin was pretending to be a brawny wash woman who was cleaning all the pirate clothes after coming in from sea! Apples were eaten for a snack since they stave off scurvy! Quinn had to join the crowd by taking off his shirt like the big boys to look like a sailor. Snow boots somehow complete the look of a pirate (I'm not sure why!) and lucky for them they were still strewn about the foyer from playing in the snow two days ago. sigh.
While they were getting dressed in their pirate garb I heard the funniest comment. Jake said, "We should be good pirates, though." Cait responded, "Yeah, lets be Christian pirates!"
I love childhood innocence!

God is so good to allow me to enjoy the blessing of being a mom who can stay home and homeschool. By letting them engage in their play they are being so imaginative and it is such a pleasure to see.
Enjoying Him Forever,

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  1. Christian pirates!! That is great- memories! Another good one would be Robinson Crusoe (the book)- lots of imaginative stuff in there! My kids loved it!


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