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Humility- Part 3

Beyond Daily Routines
Now, I'm starting to sweat under the magnitude of my internal fixation! I am so disgusted with my selfishness and pride! It is my first and often only response!

Ok, the other parts of the book were overwhelming enough.This next chapter had both heavy and light recommendations in it. It focuses a lot on study of doctrine in order to see clearly who God is and in turn, who I am. Normally, this would have overwhelmed me because I am not a "deep, intellectual" thinker (although Melanie is dragging me into higher level thinking! LOL!)

Thankfully, several years ago I was blessed to have a formal time of mentoring with Sherry McCurley and we studied doctrine for a while. I didn't realize how much it helped until I read the chapter and I actually UNDERSTOOD all the big words like omniscient and justification and perseverance. I would really recommend that you would take the time to have a basic understanding of reformed doctrine. It helps to be able to evaluate false and heretical teachings that are permeating the evangelical church these days.

Part 1
1. Study the Attributes of God
-more specifically the "incommunicable" attributes of God. I had no idea what that meant so I'm glad he defined it a bit! They are the attributes God doesn't share with us. For examble: God is infinite, omnipresent, self-existent, and self-efficient)
- As I study all God is (and also all we are not!) we become increasingly aware of the distance between ourselves and God, and in turn, more fully appreciate humility
- Psalm 139:6
-Read Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology or the abridged version called Bible Doctrine

2. Study the doctrines of Grace
- (such as election, calling, justification, perseverance)
-They leave no room for self-congratulation or self- glorification
-Election- God planned my salvation so I can't boast that I've done anything
-Calling- God called me. Our calling on Him was preceeded and made possible by His calling us.
-Justification- I am declared righteous based on the perfect performance of Jesus
-Perseverance- I will persevere in my faith until death not due to my own strength but because Jesus is holding me tightly in His hands and promises not to let go (What's the verse about "He will not lose any of His chosen?) I was acutely aware of this during my miscarriage. God didn't allow me to succumb to despair even when I wanted to. I've never felt His "holding" in such a real way before. I can't even explain it other than to say it was like I was placed in a "force field" and even though the arrows of doubt and despair were being shot at me He was warding them off FOR me. I did absolutely nothing. I couldn't and He knew that and stood in my stead for me during that time of weakness. It was so real that I could almost reach out and touch it.
-Read Saved by Grace by Anthony Hoekema

3. Study the Doctrines of Sin
- Read John Owen's Sin and Temptation
-Read The Enemy Within by Kris Lundgard. I read this last year and I'd have to place this in my top 10 "Life-changing Books" category. I had never understood ways of the flesh, the devil and the world. And, as any soldier knows, you need to understand the enemy's tactics in order to effectively fight and defeat them. This book teaches you the tactics of our three enemies!
-Study them to know how to guard against being "hardened by the deceitfulness of sin" (Heb. 3:13)
- When we're hardened by sin, grace is no longer amazing.
- This section had so much good stuff in it that I'd have to just rewrite it all here in order to say it so well. Just read the book instead!

Part 2
Knowledge of these is not enough, though.
Application of truth and obedience is the only way we will be liberated from the power from the sin of pride.

Part 3
Unique Suggestions!
1. Play golf- In CJ's opinion, you'll get much experience with handling other people laughing at you!
2. Laugh often and laugh often at yourself!
I liked this quote by Lindvall, "A proud man cannot laugh because he must watch his dignity... A poor and happy man laughs heartily because he gives no serious attention to his ego."

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  1. I don't drag you- just need some company! :) Encourage... that is a better word ;)

    I'll read Wayne Grudem's book with you if you like- I don't think I am ready for John Owen yet though!

    I am so encouraged by CJ's loyalty to doctrine- the more I learn, the more I love about his ministry.

    I'll try to laugh at myself a little more- that is hard for me to do...


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