Friday, May 8, 2009

A Perfect Homeschooling Moment

Early in January we had one of those dreamy, idyllic homeschool moments. The kids had been playing "colonial days" complete with dress ups, the sofa arm horse, and Jake pretending he was Ben Franklin inventing some new contraption. Dad Trautman had given him all the components to make a bell ring from electricity, but hadn't yet taught him how to set it up. Since the boys had received electricity kits for Christmas they'd been getting some instruction on circuitry (is that the right word?) Just so you don't get ANY wrong ideas, I did absolutely NO instruction in this. It was all Uncle Dave on New Years and DadDad while Mom was in the hospital!)
Anyway, as they were playing, Jake figured out how to make this bell ring! I was quite impressed! They all crowded around and took turns connecting the wires to different places to experiment on the sound. I think he's going to be our engineer!


  1. Engineers make great husbands!

  2. mmmm... yea... i probably never would have figured that out :/


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