Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Sad Ending to the Year... Part 2

ATTN: this is a long and drawn out, and full of gross details, but I couldn't figure out what to leave out. I'm sorry. Just skip it if you want!

So, home we went. Mom and Abbie and Sammi were watching the kids and puppies (yes, that mayhem was all going on right then, too. Never a dull moment. Did I tell you how much I owe my mom and mother in law?LOL!). Unfortunately, they had been playing beauty shop and Grant had twisted Abbie's hair around a round brush and it was really caught. Really. Knotted. Bad. In fact, it was so bad that it took me several HOURS to get it out. She was such a sport though and honestly, it was a healing moment for me. I was able to sit on the bed with loved ones and laugh. I sooo needed that right then.

My midwife was so deeply sorry about all we had gone through at Mercy. She really went to bat for me and spoke to the head of the L&D dept at Mercy. He was upset at how we'd been treated and volunteered to give me a d&e personally on Monday. I wasn't too thrilled with the whole idea of going back, but felt trapped and had no other options. My midwife had tried to get the doctor that did Tara's emergency c-section with Saige since he was so great, but the office said no. So, I had to wait the weekend to go back to Mercy.

Well, God, in His mercy allowed labor to start to progress at home. I was having contractions every few minutes and finally my water broke late Saturday night. We called Shawn to come over and stay the night just in case anything got dangerous and we needed someone to stay with the kids. I am SO glad he was there. Around 7am Sunday morning, while miscarrying, I passed out and had a seizure and stopped breathing. Thankfully Shawn was there to assess the situation and help Brent because I was totally out of it! They called 911 and I was taken to Upper Chesapeake. (Poor Cait totally flipped out when they brought the stretcher in. They had all just woken up and had no idea what was going on.)

When I got there I ended up having another seizure while I was hemoraging. Brent was pounding on the window in the room calling for the nurses. It all happened very fast and I don't remember a ton. But guess what doctor came in? The doc that delivered Saige! The one I had tried to get to do the d&e! God is so good!

There were a ton of people in the room and I was getting hooked up on all kinds of machines. They gave me a med to stop the hemoraging and also Dilantin, an anti seizure med. Well, as the nurse was putting it in the IV, everything started going black. I was fully awake but was quickly losing my sight. I told them that I couldn't see and Brent says that they stopped the med because my blood pressure dropped really, really low and they were bringing 2 crash carts into the room. I don't remember anything except being really scared and confused.

After I was stablized I was sent for a d&c. After being through all the stuff in the past few days, that was the least eventful thing that happened! It was cake! Because of the seizures and blood loss I had to be admitted to the hospital. I went for a CAT scan and MRI but neither turned up anything. But, when I had an EEG, the doctor came in for 5 minutes and said, "Well, your brain is 95% normal! Ha! Ha!" (I wasn't laughing. I was in shock and ready to cry.) In a few quick sentences I was deemed seizure-prone, put on medication, and lost all driving rights. Talk about overwhelmed. I've never been more out of all control of my life as I was during that whole experience.
I stayed in the hospital for 3 more days waiting for all test results to be finished and blood count to come up so I didn't have to get a transfusion. (a couple hundredths of a point and I would have)
Finally I was able to go home! I was weak and tired for several weeks till my blood count came up but I was glad it was all over.
Whew. I'm glad these two posts are over. I've been procrastinating writing it all down because it was all so overwhelming, but now that it's done, I can get back on to real life.


  1. tiffany... you guys have definitely been through a lot, and i'm so sorry for your loss. thanks for keeping us updated. i'll be praying for you!

  2. I am so glad you got it all written down, Tiff. It is good to read how it all worked out- especially having Tara's C-section doctor. You are amazing to me- a testimony of faithfulness during suffering. And you HAVE suffered :( - Seeing Christ magnified in your life is a blessing to me- love you!

  3. I can understand how hard it was to write all this down. You went through so much, but God was so present and real to you throughout this trial. That was such an encouragement and testimony to everyone around you. Your pain was not in vain....God was praised and seen in all His glory throughout all these details.


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