Thursday, January 7, 2010

Comic Relief...

So today has to rate as one of the funniest in the adoption process so far. I had been under the impression that we needed to have our Psychological Evaluation as part of our dossier. We aren't quite at that point yet, so, though I had a psychologist, I hadn't set up an appointment yet.  Then, during our last homestudy visit, our social worker mentioned that she needed to have our psych results as part of our homestudy. So I was scrambling to get an appointment.

We needed to have an MMPI- which stands for something I'm sure- but basically it is just a personality test. Often people have to take them as part of a job hiring process. And then, the psychologist has to write a 2-3 page report on each of us to include with our paperwork.

The psychologist was a jolly old man who wasn't really interested in interviewing us at all! He started off by telling us that he wants us to write up all our personal history and he'll include all that into the report. Ugh. A writing assignment.  Then we had to take the MMPI- all 550plus questions of it.

He took us to a separate room for some privacy. Let me just tell you, we got a little slap happy during some of the questions. Here are a few we remember....we had to answer true or false.

I like to read Mechanic magazines

I often  hear sounds that no one else can hear.

I am afraid of doorknobs.

When I close my eyes I hear people talking to me when no one else is around.

If I was an artist I would like to paint children.

I am sure someone is trying to rob me.

Sometimes my voice changes to a different sound even when I am not sick.

I would like to write editorials about the theater.

I sometimes feel like I want to smash things.

I frequently see things that others can't see.

If someone makes me angry I try to hurt them back.

I would like to be a soldier.

People can talk to me when they are not with me.

Now, I'm sure all of the questions put together do a great job of determining psychological problems, but to us, we were just cracking up at a few of the questions that just seemed bizarre. And what's the deal with SO many of them asking about hearing voices??
There were soo many more and were even funnier, but well, ......ok, maybe you just had to be there...(this isn't sounding as funny as when we were taking the test.) Maybe we really aren't mentally stable! LOL!


  1. Oh, and yeah, Brent too... hahahaha :D

  2. No, I can seriously see some of the kids answering that way- lol!!! Hysterical!

  3. tiffany, sarah short gave me the link to your blog, and i've so enjoyed reading about your journey. my husband and i are in the early stages of an adoption from russia. and so with almost everything you're saying i'm like, "yup - we're right there too!" we had our first homestudy visit last weekend, and are paperwork up to our necks! i, unlike you, dislike paperwork! i do wish i had more of a liking for it, as it seems neverending! thanks for your positive perspective on all of this. your faith in God's direction and provision shines through every post.

    i look forward to following your journey!

    oh, and a psych eval wasn't a part of our homestudy but holy cow that DOES sound funny!

  4. Hi Jessica, Nice to "meet" you! Congratulations on your adoption! Are you pursuing a waiting child or will you get a referral? I've heard Russia is pretty complicated with paperwork, too! I'll be praying for you and your husband as you make progress on your adoption. Keep me posted!

  5. this is too funny! made me laugh, Mrs. Tiffany =)

  6. Tiffany~
    I am sure it was hard to keep a straight face! What has it come least you can laugh along the ride!!! Too funny! =)


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