Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I finally just heard from Beth, our new social worker from Gladney.

The meeting that was supposed to happen two Thursdays ago never occurred.

Apparently, the head DIF people up and left for Holland!

Yeah, I know I wrote Holland. And yes, I was saying, "Huh? Why?" too.

Unfortunately, Gladney just doesn't know. We are hoping that they are going to get some answers from the HAGUE people who's main office is in the Netherlands. We're hoping that they will find, once and for all, that all this additional approval is unnecessary since HAGUE has already accredited our agency.

But, honestly we don't know for sure.

Maybe they took a vacation? Watching the World Cup? Who knows?

No one from the Central DIF office contacted Gladney to let them know that they weren't going to have the meeting. John, the Gladney staff person in Mexico, talked with Sari, a contact (actually part owner of our kids' orphanage, I think) in Mexico City who sits on the DIF committee. She told him about the impromptu trip to Holland.

So where does this leave us? Waiting some more. We were hopeful that we'd be bringing our kiddos home this fall/early winter, but by the looks of things now, I'll be surprised if it happens by next spring.

Also, Beth told us that a bunch of our paperwork will probably be out of date by the time the DIF gets it, but not to get it redone quite yet. We should wait until we're pretty certain things are imminent.


I'm just praying that God would grow me (us) through this process. I'm assuming that I have a lot to learn before these chicos come home. I'm grateful that He loves me so much to teach me these lessons and not leave me to my own flesh.

When the gardener prunes a bush, he does it for it's good. To make it beautiful and more abundant.

God is doing the same thing in me. All these things are for my good, to give me an abundant life full of joy in Him.

Yet the pruning is painful. And sometimes the bush looks awkward and strange during the process.

I think that describes things pretty good right now. Painful, awkward and strange.

But the hope I have for the beautiful future that awaits keeps me joyful even while being in the pruning stage.

Lord, let me wait with hopeful expectancy on the work you are bringing to fruition, thankful for the pain and trial you bring first.

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  1. Trying to have a good attitude. Trying to have a good attitude. I thought if I typed it several times that it would help. LOL

    I hope your mission trip went well...I want to hear all about it!


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