Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today's  conference call answered no new questions on where we stand on the approval process. Things are still being worked out and no one knows what is going to happen or when it's going to happen.

 But, a very important piece of information came out during the call- which really was the reason behind why it was ultimately scheduled.

Our wonderful, social worker, Susanna, is leaving the agency. After being with Gladney for 13 years and essentially starting the Mexico program for the agency, she is leaving to pursue another career.

I can't blame her. It must be an extremely stressful job. All of us whiny, anxious, paper-pregnant mom's-to-be calling and emailing constantly, confident that our adoption journey is more important than anyone else's...asking questions over and over...dealing with government red tape, foreign politics and people who don't do what they say they're going to do...being on call 24-7 when someone is in country finalizing...networking, contacting, endless hours on the phone...NOT an easy job.

That said... we're going to really miss her. She has wonderful contacts and I just felt "safe" knowing she understood the process.

That doesn't mean her successor can't do a good job. Beth seems very sweet, on top of information,  and people from the Columbia program seem to love her.

To be honest, I feel a little anxiety knowing that at the height of all this uncertainty with Gladney's approval we will have to start over with someone who doesn't have the same connections as Susanna. Someone who will be playing catch-up to learn the Mexico set of rules (which incidentally change by the day or hour!).

 But, thankfully, Beth  is not in control of this adoption process. Neither was Susanna.

We have a much better CaseWorker on the job!

It is the Lord God, Protector of the weak, Defender of the orphan, Wisdom Giver, Family Restorer,  Political Leader Chooser, and Loving Father.

He is on the job! In fact, He invented the job!

He is the one who is in control of each and every step, each and every document, each and every child, each and every government official, each and every social worker.

I'm glad the Lord is rooting out this false sense of "safety" that was present in me when I was trusting in Susanna's experience. (Oh, I wasn't for the few hours after the phone call. I was really struggling.)

But, after thinking and praying, I was convicted about where I was ultimately placing my trust. In Susanna's experience or in God's plan? (I think the answer is obvious!)

It's always a fascinating thing for me when God exposes the lies that I've been believing and I didn't even realize it. But it's a good opportunity for God to wash me clean of the ugliness of my faith in self or others, and make me begin stepping out in faith again. I just wish we didn't have to go through that process so frequently!

I'll be praying for Beth. She has a big job ahead of her. But, thankfully, she has a big God to lead her.

May He be magnified in this new circumstance!


  1. That is a good way to look at it- God rooting out any other avenue that you could be trusting in to make this adoption take place. Don't lose heart- He is your Caseworker, and He already has what is happening all planned out for you, your kids, and your waiting children as well!!

  2. I'live in Mexico and I often read your blog, some times I feel impotent about the rules here, I know that many children here need the love and stability of a family...and sometimes the goverment, well you know...But I'm praying, and I like to help you...I hope things are going to be easy and soon you'll have your children with you.

  3. Thanks, Mel!

    Estefania, Hola! Nice to meet you! I love hearing from people I don't know in real life! Thank you for your kind words. And we can take all the prayers we can get! Where in Mexico are you located?

  4. I stumbled upon your blog and I'm so glad to read this entry!!! It was the Lord and His kindness as my husband and I are about to travel down the same road with Gladney. We only have paid for our application, but haven't made our initial deposit because we were nervous about the Interpol issue and now with the Susanah announcement. We were wondering if we needed to find another agency and cut our losses on our application fee. Mexico's orphans have captured our hearts through our many mission trips there. I would love to discuss offline if you're open to that. Please let me know.
    Ernie and Michele

  5. Hi Ernie and Michele,
    It's great to hear from you! I'd love to chat with you through email or phone. My email is

    I don't want to post my phone number publicly but I can give it to you through a private email!



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