Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do you want to contact me?

I have had a few people that are in the Mexico adoption process try to contact me. They've left a comment but for some reason I can't see their profile or email so I can send a note back. So I've updated my  sidebar with my email address for people who want to contact me and chat about adoption related issues, or anything really! I LOVE talking about the adoption. Just ask my "in real life" friends who are sick of hearing me drone on. In fact they'd probably appreciate me having someone new to use up my daily word count on! LOL!

Also, in case you have been searching for Mexico Adoption Blogs and have found my other blog that says all the same things as this one, there is a reason. And, no, I'm not schizophrenic!

Our agency asked if I could list my blog on their website for other people who are going through the process. But, I can't have any fundraising information on that blog in case someone in Mexico who is part of the adoption process would get the wrong idea that we couldn't financially provide for the children we are adopting. So, in order to help them out, I set up another more basic blog for people to see that is  attached to the Gladney website.  Got it?

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  1. We NEVER tire of hearing about the process Tiff! God is in control and what joy to know HE knows all the details and HAS a perfect plan for you and for them! Isn't HE faithful!!!! Love you and continue to pray for you and watch you grow in grace during this special time in your life! We are for you yet HE is even MORE FOR YOU ~ what joy!


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