Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Busy Day

Today has been full of phone calls, emails, picking up documents, mailing documents, writing large checks, scanning, uploading, downloading- I think I may have even side-loaded something! LOL!

So here's the boring paperwork update for those adoptive families that thrive on this kind of  boring information!:)

Our homestudy is finally FINISHED! I picked up 5 notorized copies today and after scanning it in (btw, I have the world's slowest scanner!) I headed back out to overnight them to Gladney so they can put their cover approval letter on top. They're going to overnight it back to me so I can go get the rest of our documents authenticated and apostilled (those are the pretty gold stickers!). Then I'm DONE!

In addition, our homestudy is also already on its way electronically (I heart email!) to be translated in Colombia and shortly they'll have the rest of the documents too!

Tomorrow, our social worker will attach our homestudy to our I800A supplement 3 and mail it to USCIS. Hopefully, we will get a quick turn-around for our approval! As soon as we get that, we can send our documents to Colombia's ICBF (government agency in charge of children's welfare).

I also spent the morning on the phone with some adoption doctors to find out how to have them review our prospective children's medical records. Thankfully we found someone who is a specialist in the medical issues we were needing information on, AND they don't charge extra for additional siblings! YAY!

Needless to say, minimal schoolwork is getting supervised today....ah well, there's always tomorrow.

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