Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Teeny, Kinda boring update....

Just a teeny, kinda boring update...
Before we left to go out of town this weekend, I got an email from our social worker saying that our I800A supplement 2 and 3 (to change our immigration approval from Mexico to Colombia) was received at the National Benefits Center! Yay! I think it can still take a few weeks to get immigration approval, but we're praying it comes back quickly (of course!).

Also, our 5 approved homestudies are on their way back to me to get apostilled. Basically it's a notary, of a notary, of a notary! Or, a bunch of pretty gold stickers to put on the top of each of our dossier documents! LOL! If we get the homestudies in the mail tomorrow, I'll be driving to the Harford County courthouse, to the Baltimore County Courthouse, to the Anne Arundel County Courthouse, to the Secretary of State office in Annapolis! When we did this last time, we were, shockingly, done by noon! Hopefully, this time will go as smooth!

Then, it's one more Fed Ex shipment to send all the final documents to Texas where our agency is located, where they will mail them to their staff in Colombia to be translated! Then we wait for our I800A approval to come and our dossier can be submitted to the Colombian ICBF (the government agency in charge of child welfare) for approval.

After that point, I am a little fuzzy on what happens and when. I'm sure it'll all be a flurry of more paperwork once we get the chicos' official referrals.

It is starting to really hit me that this could REALLY be happening. I feel like we've been at the paperwork stage for so long, it's hard to remember that it ends with the CHILDREN not just more paperwork! I'm really getting excited! Could we truly be in Colombia by the end of January????

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  1. i know these are just baby steps, but each step is bringing you (us) closer to those beautiful babies!! Mom


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