Saturday, September 17, 2011

All Cindy wanted for her 4th birthday was a Cinderella dress. She was so excited to get that and a lot of other homemade presents from her brothers.
Jonathan was so excited to get his own nerf gun like his big brothers. Oh, the battles that ensued!
Since Jonathan's birthday was the month before we became a family, we told him we would celebrate a belated birthday. He HAD to partake of the Colombian tradition of the mom smashing the child's face in the cake after they sing. He loved it! The girls decided they didn't want to continue that tradition! Ha!
  • At the Harford County Farm Fair, Luisa told us that her foster family had a cow just like this. It was her favorite.
Playing dress-ups is the little kids' favorite pastime!
Cait was moral support for her friend, Gwen, as she got her ears pierced. Then they had fun trying on very high heels in the shoe store!

Cindy loved meeting her newest cousin Tirzah- A REAL BABYDOLL!

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