Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quinn's box was a fighter plane..
So, I found this huge stash of big boxes along the side of the road. The kids LOVED making all kinds of vehicles and houses out of them. Entertained them for quite a while this summer!
Almost all the cousins on the Trautman side- a few babies were sleeping...
4th of July- we finally got the sparklers to light!
The boys and their cousin Andrew all decked out with marshmallow guns Uncle Dave brought over..umm..yeah..thanks soo much Dave... still finding marshmallows all over the place!  Just kidding!
Cindy had a great time riding the miniature horse at Abuelita Muzzy's house
Jonathan and Muzzy (abuelita!)
Luisa finishing the top of her very first birthday cake! Pink cake, Pink icing, and pastel sprinkles! She was in heaven! 

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  1. Tiffany -- what a beautiful family! I've been thinking about you and your journey for so long, but have been completely caught up in our own. Very happy for you all - Stacey


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