Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Convention

Last weekend Melanie and I stayed overnight in Harrisburg PA at the CHAP convention. We were exhausted but had a ton of fun. I spent way more money than I should have, but it was mostly literature for the kids to read. I am continually frustrated at the "twaddle" and just plain JUNK at the public library, so I'm finding the need to build our home library with worthwhile books. AND, since Caitlin can read a book a day I need a bunch! (I just can't keep up with her!)

I changed a few of the plans for different subjects and am still deciding a few, so I'll post that some other time when I can think clearly!

The kids all stayed one night at my mom's house. They were so excited to do this since one of their horses had recently had a baby. Cait could be happy living in a barn! They all got to ride Milly and told me all about mucking the stalls being sooooo much fun! LOL!

The next night Cait and Grant spent the night at Brent's parents house so they could go to Women's Prayer Breakfast. Cait was part of the ladies and Grant helped serve in the kitchen.
They really love going to Prayer Breakfast. Unfortunately I am never able to go since I always have the kids on Saturdays. Thankfully, they can go with grandparents!

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