Monday, May 21, 2007

Pioneer Girls Camp

What a flood of memories I had this past weekend! This past year I have been on the Pioneer Girls committee and for the first time attended camp as a committee member. It was Cait's first year at camp too, so it was extra special. I had so many fun memories come back to me while I was there, even though most of the buildings have been renovated or totally rebuilt. I had forgotten about not putting my elbows on the table and I had to "run around the mess hall" during the very first meal! Wendy- our faithful leader!- organized all the kitchen details and everything went so well. We did do a bit of praying over the ground beef to be stretched for the sloppy joes! God did a miracle and we had left overs!

It was really a time of spiritual encouragement for me. Friday night Michelle, Laura Henderson and I stayed up late talking about trusting the Lord and praying for our children's spiritual growth. It was a wonderful time of prayer and tears and encouragement. God is so good to bring women into my life who point me to HIM when discouragement and fears crowd in. I am learning to pray intercessory prayers over the strongholds that are in my kids' hearts and minds. God does mighty work in them when I quit trying to make my kids what "I" want them to be and start being obedient to HIM by praying for what HE wants to change in them and ASKING how HE wants me to respond to the spiritual struggles in their lives. I need to point them to the Holy Spirit more than I have been doing. Curbing annoying behavior only will produce a hypocrite. I am convicted to help them recognize the Holy Spirit's promptings sooner (ahem...not by mom's irritated tone of voice, ahem...) and guide them in "hanging out with God" (as Michelle put it!LOL!) and asking Him for help in walking in the victory that has already been won for them through Jesus Christ.

Saturday night Wendy and I stayed up waaaaaaaay later than we planned. Let's just say it was closer to morning than the previous evening when we finally fell asleep! I know we hardly got any rest, but the fellowship was so sweet and truly I only get uninterrupted adult conversation with other women less than 5 times during a year! So it is worth it! It is wonderful having friendships where you are convicted and encouraged to grow in your walk with the Lord. We talked of how we need friends to hold us accountable to God's word. Even though it is sometimes painful to hear the truth, it is because they love us that the other person says it. I'm so grateful to have a few people in my life that will speak the truth to me even when it is painful.

Anyhow, camp was so fun and Cait had a blast with her friends. It was a lot harder for me to not "hover" than I thought it would be. She did great though!
As a commitee we had really been convicted about not letting camp be merely a fun time, but a time when salvation was heavily presented and choosing a deeper walk with the Lord would be encouraged with the girls. We knew that a significant number of girls were not saved or were not growing in their walk with Him. God is so incredible how he accomplished this! The guides really focused on this in their devotions and the explorers' morning walk was all about presenting the gospel. Dawn spoke at the campfire and did a wonderful job of encouraging the girls to find their "ministry" within serving their own families. Michelle's devotion on Sunday morning was totally a salvation message and ended by breaking into groups of 7 and praying for the girls situations and spiritual walk. God is SO AWESOME!!! One of the girls came to know Jesus through this! We were celebrating her "birthday" at Sunday dinner!
Michelle's devotion provided a wealth of conversation for the ride home and was a time of spiritual growth for Cait. I think she is understanding her salvation in a deeper way because of the weekend's lessons.

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  1. Glad it was so memorable :)- Hopefully you'll see fruit for months to come!


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