Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Three Weavers

We picked up the book The Three Weavers from the Lamplighter booth at MACHE. It's a short read with big, fancy font to make it beautiful.
But, the content was sooooo good. It is about three weavers who have daughters that are given a small golden loom at their birth. A promise of marriage to a wonderful knight is given to any who diligently can weave a cloak to perfectly fit their knight. Each father handles this gift differently and so does each girl. It speaks to a girl's purity as a gift that can be trashed or treasured. But, more than that, it spoke to me as a parent. It gives such wise counsel as to how to guide your child- or how not too!
The book opened up a wonderful opportunity to talk to Cait and Grant about purity, flirting, wisdom, friendships and protecting each other. Long after Jake and Quinn had floated back to the bedroom to play, Cait and Grant sat having a very adult-like conversation about their future decisions.
I love how God uses these stories to open up wonderful talks that we normally wouldn't have such an easy opportunity to have.

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  1. We bought that book there too :)- I have the study guide in paper back if you want to look at it. I guess Cait and Grant ARE getting older- time for those talks!! Fun and scary at the same time!!


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