Monday, October 15, 2007

Peaceful Chores

When I found out that BGE was raising our rates substantially, I was trying to rack my brain for ways to cut costs. One way that I decided to give a try is using a clothesline. I've always found them so relaxing and serene whenever we drive past the Amish homes in PA.
So this past spring, Brent, Quinn, and Jake worked together to put one in for me. Some days when it was blistering hot it was very annoying to have to stand out there, but mostly I really have enjoyed it. There is something very peaceful and comforting in watching your sheets or clothes blowing in the breeze. And they do smell so refreshing when you bring them in. AND, you can't shrink your clothes in the dryer like I so often do! LOL!

In some ways it feels like it takes so much longer to get it all done, but in reality, it probably doesn't. I can fit several loads of clothing on my 7 lines without having to wait for the previous load to dry for an hour (old dryers take a loooong time) first. And since I fold everything as I take it off the line, I never have laundrybaskets full of wrinkled clothing sitting and waiting to be put away. Oh, I still have laundry sitting and waiting to be put away, of course, but at least it's folded and I don't have to redry them to get the wrinkles out. (highly annoying!)


  1. I'm with you. I have rediscovered the joys of hanging out laundry. It gets me out into the yard where I rarely go and it is so peaceful. And there is nothing like snuggling up in fresh line dried sheets to give you a good night's sleep. And I still have sweet memories of my pre-dryer days and hanging diapers out on the line. I can remember just stopping and looking at them and feeling--I don't know just at peace. There is something very calming about watching laundry flapping in the breeze. Okay, maybe I need a life!

  2. I'll second that! I LOVE to hang out the laundry. It is so relaxing, and I love to use the time to pray if I am hanging them up by myself. Otherwise, I just have fun with the boys while they help --or run under the line through the clothes! But winter is coming and who knows how much I'll actually hang out clothes...


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