Monday, October 8, 2007


I don't want to complain or vent. I really do want to find joy in all things. BUT, I just have to mention 2 things that are driving me crazy today.

1. 90 degree weather in OCTOBER, for cryin' out loud! (I refuse to turn on my air conditioning, so it could be my own fault that I feel miserable. hmm.)
2. Fruit flies. Where no fruit or food is left out! Grrrr. We finally got rid of the teeny ants we had all summer only to be replaced with fruit flies.

Ok, I'm better. 'Nuff said.


  1. I'm with you on both counts. We made it through September without turning the air on but I folded last Thursday when I came home and saw that the temperature in the house was 84 degrees. But when it hits below zero in a couple of months we'll be wishing for these days back (maybe?)

  2. I'm with you on the fruit flies. We have never had these pesty little things until this year. About a month ago we had them everywhere in our kitchen. I was thinking I should just throw out all our food--kind of drastic, but I was desperate!! Then finally, they were gone. But just yesterday they reappeared!! Ahhhh!!!

  3. Two things:

    1. Turn on the AC!!!!!!

    2. To get rid of fruit flies--put some apple cider vinegar (or a sliced apple) in a cup with plastic wrap over it. Poke tiny holes in it and leave it on the counter for a few days. Voila! They will go in to eat and not be able to get out.

  4. I love the heat! Never really had fruit flies- but I am sure that they are sooo annoying!

    Don't worry, the cold is coming - boohoo :(

  5. Well, I guess you are happy now that fall weather finally hit!


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