Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ordnance Museum

This past fall Jake and I were able to sneak out for a "Mommy date". After a fun meal at McDonalds (his restaurant of choice) we headed to Aberdeen Proving Grounds to the Ordnance Museum. I was a little nervous since I'd never been there by myself. I did end up going through the "restricted" gate, but the guard was very nice and gave me directions to get to the correct entrance. We got lost there too, but a nice truck driver in a Frito Lay truck showed me the way!
All around, it was an adventure!

We roamed around the grounds admiring all the various tanks and rockets. About as much as I understood was "Ooo, look at the big green one, or Oh, boy, it's tall"! Jake didn't care though. He was happy just to have some one-on-one time.

Inside the museum we saw lots of weapons and other gear that army men have used in the past.

Actually we both were pretty bored and we were both relieved to get to the small gift shop. I think we were in there longer than the whole time we spent outdoors and indoors! After MUCH indecision and lots of Mommy input, he decided on a small green army pouch to play dress ups with.


  1. Should we call you "Rambo Mom"? Do you know what you are doing with that thing?

  2. Mason wants to tell you that you are a cool aunt with that gun!


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