Sunday, February 17, 2008

Missing Tooth

As everyone knows, Quinn is our little daredevil. Out of all our children he is always the one who will get hurt either by his own doing or by someone else. Over the past few years he has made quite a habit of knocking his top front teeth and either chipping or loosening them. After the last several face- dives into the floor or his brother's head, though, we realized that those teeth were not going to tighten back up.

I was praying that his teeth wouldn't fall out while he was still three, and God in His miraculous providence let us pass the milestone of turning 4 before the first one came out.

Two days ago he and Jake collided and the most loose tooth was pointing quite precariously forward. I don't get squeamish over very many things but teeth are one of the gross things in life that have done me in. I CANNOT stand to see them wiggle or even attempt to pull them out. So he just had to wait two hours until Daddy came home so he could give the final tug.

Just look how cute he is. The lisp he has is even cuter.


  1. I didn't think he could get more adorable, but I guess he could! What a cutie!

  2. hehe! that's adorable. i wish he had been in sunday school yesterday so i could see him...

  3. Aww- poor little guy- well at least he doesn't seem to mind!!! He really is ADORABLE!!!!!!

  4. I'm with you on that loose tooth thing. When it is hanging on by a thread for a few days I can barely even look at Tim or Abby. Quinn looks quite proud of his new look--is he sticking his tongue through the hole yet??


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