Sunday, February 17, 2008


Last November, Cait had the wonderful idea that her Daddy should take her on a date- a real date where they dress all up and go to a nice restaurant!

Brent loved the idea and thought it would be even more fun for her best friends and their dads to go too!

So all the pairs met at Olive Garden and shared a fun meal and then strolled around The Avenue for a while. They did end up in Barnes and Noble where Cait got a biography on Abigail Adams- one of her heroines.


  1. She is so pretty in that first picture. I see a lot of you in her.

  2. they all look so grown up... sooo cute... she was so happy and excited the next day when she was telling me all about it.

  3. Abby still talks about what a fun night that was. I am so glad we have such nice pictures to remember the evening. The first one of Cait is just beautiful!

  4. What a wonderful group of friends to have for a long, long time. They are all so beautiful, most importantly on the inside. What a great idea to do every year. Mom B.


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