Thursday, August 7, 2008

2008-2009 School Year

This is my plan for this school year!

Memory Work
Many Bible Verses
1 Hymn per month
Children's Catechism

Daily Math Drill sheets
Caitlin- finish Saxon 5/4, begin Saxon 6/5
Grant- finish Saxon 5/4
Jacob- finish BJU Math 3, begin Saxon 5/4

All- Spell to Write and Read (modified!)

Caitlin and Grant- finish Junior Analytical Grammar, then do either Easy Grammar or Growing with Grammar
Jacob- grammar in Tapestry of Grace, possibly start Easy Grammar once reading is good

Literature, History, Bible, Art, Geography, Writing, Dictation, and some grammar
All- Tapestry of Grace Year 1 (Cait- Upper Grammar, Grant- both UG and LG, Jacob- Lower Grammar)

Cait- Apologia Elementary Land Animals of the Fifth Day
Grant- BJU Grade 3 Science textbook (only 11 weeks), after that, I have no idea!
Jacob- Early readers on science topics, then Nature Readers

Rosetta Stone Spanish

Cait and Jake- piano lessons
Grant- guitar lessons

All- running with Dad, swimming in summer

And, For Quinn, who is insistent on doing school:
Phonics- Phonics Pathways and games from SWR
Math- lots of counting and some from Simply Numbers
Reading- Five in a Row (I'm so excited to use this again!)
Writing- preschool workbook from BJ's! and a lapsized dry erase board that he LOVES!


  1. Great plan, mine looks amazingly similar ;)

    Great reminder that I have to do my plan too, and fill out my Goals Forms! Oh my... the work never ends!

  2. Don't forget to link to this post in your sidebar for future reference...


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