Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Health Update 2
Well, after a long wait, I finally had a doc appt today. Basically, it wasn't too helpful. My 24 hour heart monitor only showed 1 pvc even though I felt it and pushed the button 274 times. So my doc isn't sure what is going on there. The echo showed that I have a mild mitral valve regurgitation (not prolapse). The mitral valve doesn't close all the way so some of the blood trickles through. But, she said that I shouldn't have palpitations because of that. It is unrelated to the palpatations...

Next step is to go to a cardiologist, however she said that the cardiologist will probably want to put me on beta blockers. But, beta blockers lower your blood pressure and I already have low blood pressure issues, so I'm not going to do that. I can't be passing out with 4 kids around- can you imagine?!!!! I'll probably go to the cardiologist to see whether he has any other ideas or tests, but as of the reports, I have a mostly healthy heart. That's great, but I still wish they could have discovered some reason for the palpatations. They are getting pretty annoying.


  1. Hey Tiff, I talked to my mom last night. She has the mitro valve regurgitation. My sister has the mitro valve prolaspe. They both have extremely low blood pressure. My sister used to pass out all the time from her blood pressure dropping too low. They are both on beta blockers and have been for years. My mom says that once the dose is adjusted correctly there is no problem. The doctor might have you do a tilt table test. Look it up. My sister and mom both had it down to help diagnose their problems.

  2. Wow- it is good to know Kimberly's stories... I wish it would have been more ... informative, but I am so relieved that your heart is basically healthy. Did you make the cardiologist appt. yet? :) :) :)


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