Thursday, August 7, 2008

Washington D.C.

This spring we were able to spend the day in Washington DC the same week as the Cherry Blossom Festival. (All in honor of Mel, since that is one of her favorite weeks of the year, but couldn't go because she was recovering from surgery. Finally, some pics, Mel!)

First, we went to the Natural History Museum. Last year we missed the whole Rocks and Minerals section and Ancient Times sections so we focused only on those.

We saw the Hope Diamond- not as impressive as I remembered as a kid!

These topaz's were what I remember as a kid.

That's probably why the Hope Diamond lost it's intrigue.The boys loved this purple quartz! After a while, though, we all started to lose interest because, well, rocks get kind-of boring...

Then we headed to the Ancient Times exhibit. We are studying this time period this year, so I was hoping to peak some interest by spending time in there. Cait became absolutely mesmerized by the information on Egypt. We especially enjoyed the sarcophaguses!

After the museum, we headed past the Washington Monument... isn't this a gorgeous picture that Brent captured?

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  1. I was with you in spirit :)

    What great pics! We'll have to go there again before the baby comes...


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