Monday, November 16, 2009

Need some prayer warriors!


I just got a short email from our social worker about the children! She spoke to one person involved in the adoption (I'm still not sure who) and this person said that she didn't think it would be any problem with having other siblings in the home. She still needs to speak to the orphanage director, but so far so good. SO, if all my wonderful prayer warriors will pray RIGHT NOW, as she is making phone calls, that God would have His will done (I hope that means a "yes"!) in the heart of the orphanage director and anyone else that might have a say in the decision making process.

I feel really hopeful right now, but am trying to temper my emotions so if it is still a "no" answer, I haven't set myself up for too much disappointment.

In other news, my kids do not have TB- or as Caitydid called it Turbo-close-us. She's always saying funny stuff like this and it cracks me up! Her other silly one is manure- which she pronounces "MAN-your". We keep telling her the right way to say it, but now she's so confused and can't remember which one is right. (I think she likes the attention when we correct her, mostly!) Pastor said the word "manure" in the past two weeks' sermons and both of us were cracking up. Sorry, Pastor. It wasn't you. Hey, at least she was paying attention, right? LOL!


  1. Oh Tiff. I am so praying for you guys. To be a mom of seven is wonderful and challenging. I have always wanted to adopt but Carl does not have the desire. I see all of these hurting children and I cry out "Give them to me. I will love them and take care of them." I love you guys and will be praying that the doors will be thrown wide open and God will do miracles.

  2. I hope it all worked out well. This would be a great answer to prayer.... I am praying daily for these 3!!


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