Monday, March 22, 2010

They Have IT!

Got the mail today and in it was a letter notifying us that our I800A application was received in the Homeland Security Office and being sent to the HAGUE office for review. Yippee! It's a good thing, too since I mistakenly sent it to the wrong address! Dumb story..... totally a "blond" moment...

Note to self... never mail through the post office- only through Fed Ex.  Even if it costs you more you should not be a cheapskate with mailing large checks and one of a kind paperwork....and double check addresses (since their offices are moving and locations are changing) so you don't panic and call the Hague office in near tears asking if it would be forwarded to the correct office... and have sweet little old ladies on the other end of the phone in near tears with you since she didn't know the answer but knew how big of a deal this was..... and you keep checking the delivery confirmation code only for it to say undelivered....but then days later seeing the check cashed and praying it was cashed by the correct agency and not by some bum on the street that found the check and application in a dumpster...
But I digress.....
Just send it to the right place


  1. love your ramblings....and am so glad it all worked out!! note to self for next time....UPS is even better than Fed Ex.....just a biased opinion from a good friend!! lol :)

  2. whoa, didn't know that one! you must have been frantic, and the poor little old lady! awww :) yay that it all worked out though!

  3. God has compassionate people all over! God is good! Good news...I agree with Wendy...UPS ROCKS!!!


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