Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another email, another conference call

I just got another email from our social worker. This time I don't even understand it. The little part that I get is that the people who we thought were going to be at the Dept of State meeting tomorrow aren't going to be there.


 There was a bunch more info full of Government agency names, acronyms and people who I don't understand who they are... but the only other thing I gathered is that another conference call is scheduled for next Wednesday June 2, 2010.

 I feel like I'm living from conference call to conference call!

We leave for a mission trip to Mexico June 8, so I'm really hoping we'll hear some kind of confirmation before then. Otherwise I'm going to be living in agony not knowing what is happening for 10 days if I'm without internet access. Will our agency be approved while we're gone? Will our dossier be submitted without us even knowing it? Aaaahhh! LOL!

Also,it's going to be so hard to be so close to our ninos (we'll be in Chihuahua City) yet not be able to swing down and see them (they're in Mexico City). OK, so it's more than a "swing" down- more like 14 hour drive, I think, but still much closer than we are now! Anyway, we aren't ALLOWED to see them due to Hague regulations, so even if we were in the same city, we still couldn't. Bummer.

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  1. what a crazy journey. but what a story you'll have to tell those kids some day...


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