Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Drop of the Roller Coaster... Again...

I have never in my life experienced the rise and fall of emotion like during this adoption process. Last entry we were full of excitement and on top of the world, having sent off our dossier, just waiting for the big day when we'd hear that our dossier could be submitted.
Last night, though, we got an email from our social worker saying there are new problems with the agency approval. Apparently, Mexico does not have the Interpol clearance, even though they had told our agency they did back in April. There is a bunch of confusion on the US side and the Mexico side and our agency is stuck in  the middle not knowing what's going on.  This is terribly disappointing since tomorrow is the monthly meeting to review the agency paperwork and now we have no idea when that will take place. At minimum it's another month. Worst case scenario- well, we don't even know yet. This means it also pushes back dossier submission dates, which is frustrating for all the families waiting.
We are vacillating between frustration and faith today. God is in control and this hasn't taken him by surprise. Even though we are filled with disappointment because this delays our process, we are choosing to trust His timing. We are fully convinced that God is using this to refine our faith, scrape away our own desires and be filled with trust and peace. Going through the refining fire is never a painless process, though, so we would ask for your prayers during this time. We truly desire that God be magnified through the events of our adoption, and all involved can see His sovereignty. Maybe He will do that by bringing a miracle in the midst of this situation, or He will be honored by our hearts learning to trust in ways we haven't before. Either way, may He be glorified....


  1. "We are fully convinced that God is using this to refine our faith, scrape away our own desires and be filled with trust and peace."

    I really like this perspective.

  2. His ways are not our ways and His timing is not ours. Praying for you today and in the weeks ahead that you will keep turning your disappointment into praise for the Lord and trust in Him during this situation. We love you guys, and we will make our prayer be that He is glorified in however this plays out.

  3. I have trouble understanding all the ins and outs of this adoption process... I don't know how you are doing it. I don't know why this delay has to be- I'll be praying it all is worked out quickly. What a frustrating process, but I am glad you are keeping it in God's hands. That is sooooooo not easy to do when we want it so bad!


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