Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hodge Podge!

I have a hodge podge (I love those words! They roll off the tongue so sill-i-ly...now that's not a word at all!) of info to cram into this post! Ready?

 Adoption Update!
 During a conference call with our agency we found out that the interpol issue is even more frustrating. Apparently Interpol doesn't even DO agency clearances anymore! So, who in the world was saying, "yes we have your interpol clearance! We forwarded it on April 16." is a big ole liar! Or at least a very confused person. Basically, this means that Mexico is asking for something that cannot possibly be done. They didn't know that, our agency didn't know that and we now realize the US State Department must not have either!

Thankfully, there was a little shred of hope in the conference call. The lady in charge of the Central DIF (the Federal Govt agency that does adoptions in Mexico) is flying to meet with people from the US State Department this coming Friday (5/28/10). The Dept of State person is aware of our agency's situation and has promised to offer any and all assistance to give Mexico whatever documentation they need to finalize the Central DIF approval process. We're just praying they really will and that Mexico will indeed be satisfied at last with whatever the DOS can provide. None of the dossiers can be submitted until this approval process is complete!
 Just so it is clear, our agency is doing a fantastic job submitting to all these out of the blue changes that the Central DIF is now asking for. There is only one other agency that has been through this Central Approval process, that I know of, so I'm sure that any other agencies will have their dossiers halted until they get their central approval also, once the individual states start the compliance process. I'm so thankful that God put it clearly on our hearts to go with an agency on the front end of the changes. It's just a little frustrating to be the guinea pigs.
 So if you all would please pray for this meeting to go smoothly and for God to allow Mexico to show favor to our agency and not ask for any more documentation but allow dossier submission. And, also that we would wait patiently!

Next.... I found this wonderful video on another blog... I wish I was so eloquent to compose such beautiful prose on the sweetness of our adoption in Christ, but since I'm not...

I want to highly recommend this spanish program that we recently bought to learn the language. We do have Rosetta Stone, and the kids do well with it. But, Fluenz has been very helpful for us as adults. Adults learn language differently than children so it has been wonderful for Brent and I to work on in the evenings. Check it out!

 This is a picture of our complete dossier with all it's pretty stickers and translations. What a work of art! All 26 documents of it!

 Oh, and I'm missin' my chicos something awful lately...time is ticking and I'm really anxious for them to know they will have a mommy and daddy....

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