Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Article 5!

Just got word a few minutes ago that our Article 5 was expedited and picked up today!! Hooray!!!

This is the last thing we need before we can get travel approval and it has taken mountain moving strength to get this! God is the one that gave our case the favor of the multiple government workers involved in the process.

Why am I so surprised when God shows up? Why do I doubt so easily? My faith is so small. Lord, forgive me.

I am so humbled by the MANY friends, family, and strangers who have emailed and posted saying they are praying for us. It is overwhelming. When we were discouraged or exhausted we were buoyed up with God's strength because of your faithful fervent prayers. Thank you from the depth of our hearts.

Next is waiting to hear when we will be ok'd to travel!  Maybe I need to pull out the To Do list that I haven't looked at in a week...things are starting to seem "real"!!!!


  1. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! It's happening, Tiff!

  2. Yay!! That's wonderful news!! Congrats and can't wait to see pictures of you guys IN COLOMBIA!! So soon!!

  3. This is a proud, "I told you so" moment. God is good all the time. I am so happy for you and the kids. How fantastic. We will hopefully be in Colombia at the same time picking up our kids:)

  4. Congratulations! I can feel your exhaustion over here! Are you going to Bogota? If so, we hope to see you there!



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