Friday, April 15, 2011

Travel Approval!

Today has been one of the most exciting days for us so far in this adoption process. We got word on our travel date!
We fly to Colombia on...
Wednesday, May 4th 
and will receive Luisa Faith, Jonathan Scott, and Cindy Joy on 
Friday,  May 6th!!!!!!!

We are going to have them for MOTHER'S DAY! They will have a momma for this Mother's Day, finally! Thank you, Lord, for that sweet, precious gift.

We were so concerned that we were not going to hear any news about our travel dates today and we would have to start making some difficult decisions about what to do with the immigration approval expiration date approaching. Thankfully, God didn't make us deal with that. Instead we heard the wonderful news that we weren't going to have to wait the full month like ICBF was going to make us wait.

We are so incredibly happy that my words can't even find their full expression.

I just had the realization that we will very likely return home the exact week two years from the date we first felt the call to adopt- June of 2009.  God is so cool like that, ya know?

And one more awesome thing...
Two years ago we quietly mentioned to some of our dearest, closest friends (on a Bob Evans parking lot after Sunday dinner) that we were thinking of adopting. Both families were BLOWN AWAY, because they said they had just been discussing the SAME THING!

We have traveled this adoption journey- ours to Colombia and theirs to a little girl in China- together for the past two years. And, get this, we are leaving the SAME EXACT DAY AS EACH OTHER! As Dan said, "Now, God's just showing off!" He is! And I love it! Can you believe this?

Monday we will have a phone call with Raul to go over Visa information, more travel info, apartment info, etc.
Tuesday we will drive to the Colombian Consulate in DC to apply for the Adoption Travel Visa
Wednesday we will drive back to DC and pick it up before they close for Holy Week.
From then until May 3rd we'll be shopping, packing, and pinching ourselves to see if it is really real!


  1. I am speechless, and in AWE!!!!!
    God is SO BIG!!! So exciting!!!

  2. Yes, indeed it is real!! What an incredible journey it has been and we haven't even reached the best part yet!! Thanks for your listening ear over all these months...what would I do without you?!! Hold on tight Tiff we are entering "crazy love" territory!!

  3. Words cannot express! It has been a joy to watch you both go on this roller coaster ride. Though we would have wished it to be a smoother ride for you (as parents it is hard to watch stuggles in our children) we feel very blessed to watch your faith grow and your relationship in Christ grow deeper. We will be praying during this time as you prepare. Love you all and can't wait to meet Luisa, Jonathan and Cindy!

  4. Yes, yes, YES!!!!! Let us know if you need us to watch the kids at all while you do all your running around. We're not super busy this week - Shawn has off Monday, Thursday, & Friday :)
    And, did I see shopping?!? I am sooooo there :D

  5. What can we do to help? Can we bring you dinner one night before you leave so that you don't have to worry about cooking?

  6. Amazing, amazing, amazing! God bless you and each member of your soon-to-be-nine family.

    Heather (Laura's sister, in Scotland)

  7. My hair stood on end when you said you and your friends leave on the exact day to pick up your children. How wonderful is that.

  8. so excited to come over here today and see this!!!! I can't wait until we can say the same thing. Dossier is headed to CCAA!!! We're praying for you guys...we feel as if we know you even though we've never met! I love that about God's family!


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