Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last night I called NVD no less than 10 times. I either was on hold for 1/2 an hour or got transferred around to everyone and their brother. Finally around 11pm I was able to get someone to speak to a supervisor for me. It took a lot of pleading but the supervisor said they would try to get the last two visas issued by the close of the day at midnight- 1 hour! Could we dare to hope?
11:50 came and I called again. The person answering the phone matter of factly said, yes they were processed today! I made him check and double check that they  had truly been sent. I know I was annoying him, but I wasn't going to take any chances after all the mistakes in the past.
Soooo, as of around 11:30pm last night all three visas were at the US Embassy in Bogota!! YAY!

Raul, the Colombia program manager that we are dealing directly with now, said he would get the in-country rep, Silvia, to take the DS-230 to the Embassy and she would request that they expedite our article 5 letter!

Today, was a much quieter day. I didn't feel the need to call the Embassy since Silvia was going in person and she has a much better relationship with the people in that office. This afternoon, Raul called and said that our Article 5 should be issued Wednesday at 3pm!!! Amazing! This is the last step for the US Government until we are ready to leave Colombia and the kids get their visas to enter the US.

Could this really be happening? I'm still trying not to get my hopes up too high. There are still a few more little steps where things can go wrong, of course! But, I am much more hopeful that our paperwork will be at the Medellin ICBF by Thursday or Friday so they can issue our travel dates before they shut down for Semana Santa.

I asked Raul to speculate on our tentative travel dates, but he wouldn't until Friday! LOL! Poor guy. I'm trying to pin him down, but he knows better than to do that with an uptight, stressed, emotional momma-to-be! LOL!


  1. That is amazing....I am so incredibly excited for you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Praise God!!! Awesome!!!! I bet you are beyond excited!


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