Sunday, August 5, 2007

Grant's History

Here are some things I had written down about Grant.

Daddy was in police academy for the first 6 months of life. Has a crazy birth story which I won't write here!

Has the Funniest faces. Loves to make people laugh.

Age 2- Dumped an entire box of cheerios on the floor!

Loves to play "Honey and Sweetie" (husband and wife) with Cait

Best friends with Caitlin although he doesn't let her boss him around!

Has a horrible stubborn streak that we're having difficulty dealing with. Spankings don't necessarily work!

Age 4- Oct 2003- Had an hour long (memorable) battle on church parking lot. All the uncles and boys were going to the park while girls had a tea party for Cait's birthday. Grant didn't want to ride in Alex's car seat. It was a long drawn out (embarassing for mom!) ordeal. he wasn't allowed to go and sat on a chair for the tea party. After that huge ordeal (Daddy wasn't there but even Uncle Eric administered some discipline!), I had very few battles.

Humbling scenario #2- I'm at Dawn Garner's house to lead a mom's Bible study on training your children to love God. Grant starts throwing a fit so I take him into the bathroom where I try to impress on him the spiritual battle he is in. Obviously, it wasn't working as he screamed at the top of his lungs, " I LOOOVE SATAN!" big sigh.....God has such a sense of humor, doesn't He?

In awe of Chip Bauer playing guitar for praise choruses on Tuesday Nights. Then Chip sat with us one night and Grant colored a picture for him during the service. After that he couldn't get enough of Chip. This has developed into a wonderful relationship. And, he got his first guitar in summer 2005 (6 1/2)

Age 6 1/2- 1st baseball game- Aberdeen Ironbirds

Lost first tooth December 2005

Becoming a very hard physical worker

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  1. He is a born leader (and comedian)!!! I love his funny faces!!


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