Sunday, August 5, 2007

Caitlin's History

Here are a few things that I had recorded about Caitlin's early years.

Born 3 weeks and 1 day after due date!!!

Nursed 7 minutes total! Efficient!

Hated to cuddle or snuggle. Loved to be bounced- hard!

Started talking at 6 months! Started walking around the same time!

She never sucked on her thumb or pacifier, but around 6 months she started sucking on a cat stuffed animal. Then, she went to sucking on the scarf of a stuffed snowman Aunt Kimberly gave her (which we lost somewhere on the ride home from an Ohio reunion). Then, she graduated to the YARN crocheted blanket Mrs Vance had given as a shower gift. She shoved probably 6 inches of a corner into her mouth (and halfway down her throat, I'm certain... yuck!) and sucked. The corners turned gray and brown even after repeated washing and bleaching. The worst (and I'm sure everyone in the family will always remember this with a shudder) was when she yanked it out of her mouth to say something and flung it to the side, slapping you in the arm or face with the slobbery corners. This blanket was inseparable from her until she was 6. Finally, we were able to "buy" her blanket from her with the gift of an American Girl sized horse and pony. (Her next obsession- horses) Her blankie "Corners" as she affectionately called it, found it's final resting place in a spray painted basket that is lovingly placed in my hope chest. It is her wish that "one day her daughter can suck on it"!!!!

15 months- screamed and cried when she was brought in to see Grant after he was born

Age 11 months- put a slug in her mouth while sitting in the garden. Took a whole day to get the slime out of her mouth. No, she didn't actually swallow it! I'm not THAT bad of a mother!

Age 4- Swallowed a penny because, as she told me, "I wanted to know what it would taste like!"

Has the most incredible imagination I've ever seen. Very creative.

Definitely has her own tastes and opinions.

Has an obsession with shoes. The glitzier the better! And lots of them!

Spends a large portion of her day galloping through the house sounding identical to a horse. She has perfected the sound! She will need knee surgery by the time she's 12, but boy is she good at it!

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  1. I loved reading all about Cait! Thanks for sharing all that :)- I can't believe that she will be double digits this year! She is a JOY to be around and I can already see the Lord working in her life :)


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