Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jake's History

Here's what I have written on a paper about Jacob.

All our kids were cute as babies and toddlers, but Jake was the cutest. He did nothing wrong until the exact week he turned one!

Would NOT hold still for nursing even as a newborn. This has not changed at all.

A conversation to remember (age 3 1/2)
Dad- "What do you want to be?"
Jake- "A Policeman"
Dad- "Swat policeman? K-9? Sniper?, which?"
Jake, after contemplating a while... "I want to be a FAT Policeman!"

A few weeks later, sitting across from a LARGE man in uniform (I think a firefighter) at the dentist's office....
Jake, staring in awe at the man- "Dad, THAT's what I want to be. A Fat Policeman!"

Age 4- becoming very close to George Hayes (and Chip Bauer since Grant hangs around him all the time)

Age 4 says "onside down" for upside down

Lost 1st tooth Oct 2005 Before Grant! He was quite proud
Lost 2nd tooth on 5th Birthday

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  1. Aw... tender Jakey- he is a lover!! Even if he can't sit still! LOVE his smile!!!


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