Sunday, August 5, 2007

Quinn's Baby History

As I was looking through my planner I found some papers at the back where I had recorded some notes about each child when they were younger. I am going to post them so I have them always- and since this is the only baby book any of my kids will ever have. sigh.
9 mo- had first major training session. Held him tightly on my lap and taught to "hush" by putting finger on lips and not letting up until he could sit for 1 minute without screaming. Each subsequent session is shorter and shorter
12- very quickly trained!
17 mo- says "Da, Mom, Car, Ball, Down, More, Pool"
17 mo- learning to sit quietly in church ( What Happened!!!!)
20 mo- Calls cait "Mom", then starts calling her "turtle"! LOL!
21 mo (Sept 2005)- Cait and Jake were lifting a heavy trailer gate up and it fell over and pinned him under it. Cut open forehead. Went to ER and got stitches
18mo-2 yo (I can't remember when!) Chipped both front top teeth in 1 week
1st carrying a flashlight and fell, 2nd fell on a brick step at small groups
Is very sweet with Cait. She can comfort and help him as much as I can!
2 1/2 yo can count to 10 without me teaching at all!

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